4 easy ways to contour like a pro

Contour Like A Pro: 4 Easy Ways

4 easy ways to contour like a pro

So, you know what contouring is and how to go about it. But you are trying to get a perfect look and appear like a pro in the game. Maybe you’re a makeup artist, and you want to improve your contour skills and bring out your A-game. Well, whichever is the case, then this article is for you.

We all love having that snatched nose and chiseled cheeks, all thanks to the illusion contouring provides. Contouring is one thing, but knowing how to do it right distinguishes the pro from the amateur.

I will be listing out few tips on how you can achieve this, below 

4 Easy Ways to Contour like a Pro

First step: Start by highlighting the cheekbone. It will be easier for beginners when they start by highlighting the cheek because it’s the easiest way to get a feel for applying your contour makeup products. Most experienced makeup artists who are experts in contouring will start by shading, then go in with highlight afterward. But as a beginner, you should start with your cheekbone highlight as it is the perfect opportunity to get to know the features of your face. Make sure to get highlighter two shades lighter than your skin tone.

You would need to know your face shape to place the product where the light hits on your face. Play around with this for a while. Then take your brush or use your finger; the choice is yours. Use it to lightly dust the highlighter onto the selected parts of your face.

Second step: When getting your contour product, always remember that gray-based brown makeup products will mimic shadow, and a warmer brown will add warmth, making your skin glow. There are so many consistencies that you can buy, which includes cream and powder.

As a beginner, you should start with powder because it’s more comfortable to manage and correct when you make a mistake. For a more dramatic contour and photo-friendly, choose a  cream contour palette or stick.

When buying individual shades, be sure to get the ones with the same undertones. Though we want to create contrast, one mistake to avoid is to go beyond two shades darker than your skin tone. Try to keep it not too far from your foundation shade. 

Third step: Perfecting balance and contrast (highlights) is the most crucial stage of the process. So you have blended your contour, now it’s time for some highlights. Highlight the appropriate area defined by your outline, or you could highlight your cheekbone for a casual everyday look.

Fourth step: Let’s put finishing touches to our contoured face and the hard part is over!

For a natural contour look, sweep a touch of blush just a little between the highlight and the contour on your cheeks with a light hand. You might want to add a translucent setting powder onto your face to ensure everything stays in place. Now proceed to add your lipsticks and the rest makeup products. Finish your makeup with some setting spray, and you are good to go.

also, be sure to make use of the right tools like your makeup brushes or beauty blenders. using your fingers to buff out your contour won’t cut it. I prefer a beauty blend, but whichever you make use of is fine. On, and remember, blend, blend, blend! It is essential if you want to avoid having one straight harsh line on your face.

You can spice up your look with the fox eye trend. It’s pretty simple and easy. Everything you need to know on how to achieve the look is in the post, so be sure to read it. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more information, tricks, and beauty content.

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