Reasons why women apply makeup

5 Reasons Why Women Wear Makeup

5 reasons why women apply makeup

Makeup has been one of the major forms of aesthetics for centuries. From the Egyptians using soot around their eyes to Elizabethans wearing lead paint, makeup has come in different forms and has taken different dimensions.

There are several reasons why women wear makeup, and these reasons aren’t what you naturally think sometimes. It would be inaccurate to say there has been a surge in the number of women who wear makeup. However, studies have shown that more women wear makeup, and these are for various reasons.

By now, you are still wondering, ‘why exactly do women wear makeup’? To dispel some of your assumptions, I can tell you for sure that most women wear makeup for themselves.

Yes. Contrary to what most men think, a majority of women do not wear makeup specifically because of men. Studies have backed it up, and they have proven that women wear makeup because they want to, not necessarily for others.

Reasons Why Women Wear Makeup 

There are several reasons why a woman will put on makeup. Some of these reasons are general and common to most women, why others are specific and peculiar to certain people. Women can go from a light-medium coverage to a heavy-full coverage, all depending on what they want and sometimes the occasion.

Here are a few reasons why women wear makeup.

  1. To Boost Their Confidence 

Some women feel they aren’t ready until they have some makeup on, no matter how small. They feel really confident and prepared to take on the world when they have makeup on and can face any situation or take on any challenge.

  1. To Cover Blemishes 

Let’s face it; not everyone has perfect and flawless natural-looking skin. Some people suffer from serious skin issues, while others use makeup to cover up a small zit that appeared overnight. Because using makeup is a great way to cover some of these blemishes, some women will be on makeup more than others. However, it should be noted that it is best to allow your skin to recover from whatever issues it may have at that time, as too much makeup can cause further irritation and breakouts. If you notice any skin reactions after applying makeup, it’s best to stop for a while until your skin gets better.

  1. Because It’s Fun 

Women enjoy wearing makeup because it’s so much fun. The thought of putting a little blush here and some foundation here is quite thrilling and exciting. As a makeup artist, I get super excited when giving my clients a face beat, and I know they all enjoy every bit of the makeup process. There is just something fun and uplifting about having a makeover using makeup.

  1. Enhance Beauty 

One of the basic reasons why women wear makeup is to enhance their natural beauty. This does not take away from a woman’s beauty but only adds to it and enhances her natural features. Makeup can also improve the appearance of a woman’s complexion, giving an even and clear tone.

  1. Society 

Finally, peer pressure, societal influence, and just the plain old ways of doing things influence women’s decision to wear makeup. Here, some women wear makeup to please others– especially men, or just to fit in among the crowd. In some societies, women need to wear makeup, most especially during occasions.

Whatever reason you choose to wear makeup, it is perfectly fine. You do not need anyone to tell you why and when or how much makeup to use. And if you’re not the makeup type, then that’s fine too. There is absolutely no need for you to feel pressured into wearing makeup. Now, it’s time for you to go out and look beautiful, makeup, or no makeup on. If you decide to wear makeup, you need a skincare routine before makeup; this is essential.

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  1. To enhance beauty!!!!! Because look what a beauty I am! And every time you touch my face, Rheevo, it’s just beauty x beauty x beauty!

    #6 Because my friend is a badass makeup artist and I have donated my face as her canvas.

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