Affordable makeup products

Affordable Makeup Products For Your Personal Makeup Box

Affordable makeup products

We can’t always order a full face beat for every outing. Every now and then you might like to do your own makeup, at least for an everyday look. To achieve this, you need to build up your makeup kit, and I’m not talking about a full on kit per say. All you need are a few affordable makeup products that will serve the purpose for your simple everyday look.

The basics items are all you need for your personal box, and here I have provided a list of affordable makeup products that will make your box look like that of a pros.

The List of Affordable Makeup Products

These products are just as good as the high end brands we all know about. Another way to save more is to patronize local brands. Yes, we need to get over the stereotype that anything made in Nigeria is not as good as international brands.

There are lots of Nigerian brands that produce affordable makeup products that match up to foreign brands. I bet if I asked most of us, we will mention at least 5 – 10 international brands off the top of our head, but this can not be said for local brands.

Here are all the basic affordable makeup products that you will need for your makeup box to have you looking super chic.

#1. Foundations

We all know that foundations are the base for our makeup, and the kind of foundation you make use of determines how long your makeup will last. You don’t need to break the bank when shopping for foundation, neither do you need to worry about getting one in your right shade. These foundations provide solutions to both of the most pressing issues; the right shade and a fair price.

Flawless Ivy HD Foundation

This foundation retails for #3000 ($8) for the big bottle.

It provides a matte finish.

Offers full coverage

It is also waterproof.

Vee Beauty Tube Foundation

Retails for about #2800 per tube.

Offers a matte finish and full coverage.

Hegai and Esther

~ Retails for about #4000 – #5000

#2. Concealers 

These are usually the next thing after foundation. It is not necessary to conceal for an everyday look, but if you’re willing to go the extra mile, then why not.

L.A Girl Pro Concealer 

~ Retails for about #1300 – #2000

Zaron Liquid Concealer 

~ Retails for #1700 

House of Tara 

Pro concealers retail for #1000

Stick concealers retail for #3280

#3. Powder 

You need powders for that quick touch up and to get rid of sheen on your face, perfecting your matte look.

Milani Mineral Compact 

~ Retails for #3000 

Zaron Powder 

~ Mattifying powder retails for #4000 

Tara Sheer Finish Powder 

~ Retails for #3080

#4. Eyeshadow 

You can decide to go light or heavy on your eyes, depending on the occasion. Here are palettes that are affordable and provide a variety of colours.


9 in 1 pallets for #2800 – #3000


12 in 1 palette goes for #4100

Vee Beauty Reloaded Palette 

35 in 1 for #5500 

#5. Eyebrows 

You can go for a simple eyebrow pencil. 

Davis Pencil 

This is the most common eyebrow pencil, and it is super affordable. It retails for #100 – #200.

Blossom Hypersculpt Brow Pencil 

~ Retails for #300.

Beauty Line by Didi 

For something slightly more high-end you can go for this pencil.

~ Rentals for #2000

Zaron Eyebrow Pencil 

~ Retails for #1200 – #1500

#6. Mascara 

To give your lashes that volume without using false lashes, then a volumizing mascara is the way to go.

Zaron Volumizing Mascara 

~ Retails for #2550 – #3000 

Tara Volume Boosting Mascara

~ Retails for #2360 – #3000 

Kiss Beauty 8X Mega Impact Mascara

~ Retails for #850 

#7. Eyeliner 

Liners make your eyes pop and add a bit of drama. 

Zaron Felt Pen Eyeliner 

~ Retails for #2450 

Zaron Liquid Liner 

~ Retails for #1950 – #2000 

Vee Beauty Eyeliner 

~ Retails for #700 

#8. Lips 

Your lips deserve a pop of colour. You can either go nude or put on a bright lipstick shade depending on your mood. Whatever mood you are in, here are some affordable lipsticks and lip gloss.

Zaron Lipstick 

~ The matte liquid lipstick retails for #2000.

~ The Xoxo Sheer lips gloss retails for #900.

House of Tara Glossy Lip Stain

~ Retails for #1850.

Beyond Beauty Lip Stains

~ Retails for #600.

#9. Setting Spray 

You need to finish off your makeup with some setting spray. It ensures your makeup lasts longer.

Kiss Beauty Makeup Fix Spray 

~ Retails for #1500.

Nuban Beauty Seal It Fixing Spray 

~ Retails for #4500 each.

Zaron Makeup Spray 

~ Retails for #3700.

There you have it, a list of some affordable makeup products for your personal makeup box. The list is not exhaustive as there are a lot of options when it comes to affordable makeup products. When shopping, buy from credible online or offline stores, and if you are not sure where to buy from here is a list of 8 best makeup stores where you can get affordable makeup products.

If you are walking into a store, be sure to verify if the products are genuine. I know this can be hard as a lot of us won’t know what to look out for in identifying fake makeup products. Well, I’ve covered that for you, and all you need to do is read up on how to identify fake makeup products here.

Now that you have a rough idea of what some makeup products might cost, you can shop away on any of the stores listed above. Happy personal makeup shopping!

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