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BB Creams: All You Need to Know About Them

bb creams and all you need to know about them

I’m sure you know your makeup products, right? From your moisturizer to your foundation and so on, but do you know what BB cream is? Do you know the actual difference between BB creams, CC creams, and other concealing products? If you don’t, then you are in luck.

What is BB Cream?

You know your ABCD’s when it comes to makeup right? But you don’t know their meaning, uses and benefits. I will only be talking about one of the alphabets in this post– which is the BB cream.

First of all, BB is an abbreviation for Blemish balm cream. BB cream is a combination of other products like moisturizers, primer, SPF, foundation, concealer, and skin treatments. Did you just scream PERFECT? Yes, I know it is. It was initially developed in Germany as an all in one cream for post-laser treatment for coverage, protection, and hydration. Women from different parts of the world began taking interest in this easy and fast one-stop-shop cream as a replacement for a lengthy and stressful beauty process. This trend is not so common in African countries like it is in Asia and the United States. 

How to use a BB Cream

There are different ways to make use of your BB cream. You can either use your BB cream as an all-in-1 product or choose to use it as a primer before applying your foundation.

For Normal skin:  If you are having a normal, blemish-free skin, apply a pea-size of the product to help even out your skin tone. If what you need is full coverage, that is to conceal your acne scars, pimples or dark spot, use your BB cream as an advanced primer.

For oily skin: Use a moderate amount of an oil-free BB cream, it will help minimize the appearance of your pores and mattify your skin for a smooth flawless finish.


BB creams contain Vitamin A, C and E which helps in improving the brightness of your skin. BB creams provide coverage for your skin and improve its overall appearance. Some BB cream contains hyaluronic acid that acts as a skin moisturizer. BB cream also fights skin ageing with SPF as one of its main ingredients. It also conceals any unevenness on your skin. It’s a perfect travel companion since it can replace all the multiple beauty products in your purse.


Are still wondering whether it will be better to swap out your foundation for a BB cream? Well, the answer depends on your skin tone and the look you are going for.

FOUNDATION: If you have dry skin, you should go for a foundation as it provides more coverage. Secondly, if you have a problem finding the right match for your skin tone, you should go with a foundation as it comes in a wide variety of shades.

BB CREAM: If you are having little or no blemishes on your skin, then go for a BB cream. Also, if you are trying to achieve a natural makeup then a BB cream is your best option.

NOTE: Whichever you choose, make sure you go through the same process of cleaning, moisturizing, and blending out properly.

Let me know if you prefer your go-to foundation or your BB cream.

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  1. I like the fact that all of the BB goodness comes in one pack instead of having to buy multiple products.
    This is enlightening. Thank you, Rheevo.

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