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8 Best Stores To Buy Your Makeup Items

makeup items

As a makeup enthusiast or a professional makeup artist, sourcing for the best and most authentic makeup items can be a hassle. It’s no news that the market is flooded with counterfeit products, some cheaper than the real deal while others are just as expensive as the original. 

These fake makeup products constitute a health hazard and are more than dangerous when used constantly. If you are a professional makeup artist, using fake products will produce bad results and ruin your reputation – and you wouldn’t want that.

Earlier, in my Trivia Monday post, I promised a post on what stores to buy the best makeup items and at affordable rates, and here it is. I have patronized most of these stores, and they all come highly recommended. You can rest assured that you will not only get authentic makeup items, but you will also get them at the best prices.

Beauty Stores With The Best Makeup Items 

The stores on this list have been vetted, and their products are authentic. You can also get beauty equipment and tools like ring lights and so on from some of these stores. It’s a win-win for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts.

1 Beauty Connoisseur NG 

I had known the owner of this brand since when we were in school, and she is my go-to store for authentic makeup items. She has the best prices for retailers, so if you intend to resell at the best prices while still making a profit, then you should shop with this brand. She has luxury items such as Fenty Beauty, Dior lipsticks, and all the luxurious high-end brands you can think of. You can shop through her Instagram page or visit her physical store in Ibadan, Nigeria. She also plans to have a store in Lagos sometime soon, but you can have your makeup items delivered to you wherever you are in Nigeria until then.

2 Odouble Colors 

Also, a very familiar brand on Instagram started out selling out makeup products but now sells more gadgets and camera equipment. You can get the best equipment at an affordable price if you are a content creator. There is a variety of equipment to choose from, and no matter what your budget is, you will surely find something. The customer service is top-notch, and she delivers to any part of the country.

3 The Jeid Store 

Every shopper loves to be treated nicely and professionally. You will get the best customer experience with the store’s owner, and you can also get a personal consultation on what products you can get and which will suit your skin perfectly. If you want more affordable makeup products, then this is the store for you. You can also get quality contact lenses and a variety of beauty items.

4 Ivy Skin 

The Ivy Skin is a new brand, but the store is trusted. You can get authentic and luxury makeup items from the store as well. Shop the best products at the very best prices with this store.

5 Coyette Cosmetics 

Get your favorite makeup items at this store. You can shop for foreign or homemade brands here too. You get the best combo deals and the best prices. The customer service is nice, and delivery can be made to your location as well. 

6 Naija Makeup Shop 

Get original makeup prices at competitive rates. Yes, the prices of makeup items in this store are super affordable. You also get great customer service your items delivered to your doorstep no matter where you are in the country. So, if you are an upcoming makeup artist looking for the right products for your makeup box at affordable rates, check out the Naija Makeup Shop.

7 The Beauty Cognoscente 

For alternative makeup products to the big brands that are equally as good and affordable, The Beauty Cognoscente is the store to check out.

8 O Makeup Hub 

The beauty store also deals with quality makeup products and tools like brushes, beauty blenders, etc. These products come at pocket-friendly prices and will fall into your budget.

Now you have a list of beauty stores that sell makeup items and beauty equipment and gadgets for makeup artists and beauty content creators. You can’t go wrong with any of these stores, and they are absolutely trustworthy.

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