top beauty trends taking over 2021

Top Beauty Trends Taking Over In 2021

top beauty trends taking over 2021

If there is anything 2020 taught us, it was to be self-reliant, to a very large extent, and in this new year, some of these at-home lessons are paving the way for some of the biggest beauty trends taking over 2021. 2020 was that year all our lives changed, and I mean drastically.

There were no more trips to the salon for that highlight touch up, no manicure or pedicure, and no extravagant glam up — cause there was nowhere to glam up to. There were also more than a few DIYs, like making knotless braids for myself, and I’m sure you must have tried a few too.

The year was a rollercoaster ride with a lot of uncertainty and the need for self-preservation, which is still the most important thing. There was also a necessary addition to our lifestyle — the face mask, as this gave us some sort of protection along with improved hygiene. So out went our old habits and in came some new ones.

Life moving forward will not be the same as we knew it, because many things have and will continue to change. The top beauty trends taking over in 2021 are listed in this article.

Beauty Trends Taking Over in 2021 

Yes, it is a total haul of what we knew and was our everyday norm. Now, there’s a new norm and you need to be kept up to date with the latest beauty trends. This is a new year, and there are new beauty trends taking over in 2021.

All about The Eyes 

In 2020 the only visible parts of our faces was the area above the mask. This meant more concentration on the eyes and every area above the mask. So people got creative with their eye makeup. You will be seeing more of graphics liners, colour mascara, cut crease, and a lot of details and attention on the eys. Oh, let’s not forget the false lashes, these will definitely become a frequent part of eye makeup. I’ve done a few graphics liner myself and you can view one of my tutorials below.

The Natural or Minimalist Makeup 

This was definitely a no brainer. I mean, we legit had nowhere to go to for most of the year that required heavy makeup. The days were mostly field with video calls as zoom was and still is the way to stay connected, especially for work. It means minimal makeup and the no-makeup makeup look is taking over the scene, most especially for those zoom meetings. The constant wearing of the face mask is a contributing factor to the minimalist approach to makeup because heavy makeup will smear your mask, storing some germs and bacteria.

Funky Press On Nails  

Press on nails were all the rave then and even now. It’s affordable, totally fast, and way easier to get done on your own. With a change in lifestyle and a limit on the capacity of places, booking an appointment with your nail tech can be a hassle. Press on nails now come in really beautiful and creative designs and they are super great for that small get together or that quick stop for a meeting. Press on nails is certainly a beauty trend that is not going anywhere any time soon.

Immersive Skin Care Routine 

There is basically no excuse to not have a skincare routine this new year. We had more than enough time to experiment with new tools and skincare products. Now that most people have built a skincare routine that works for them, there is no going back to the old days. I’m sure we all would like to have that glassy smooth skin, right? Well, this can only be achieved with constant care and attention which equals a fully immersive skincare routine. If you don’t have a skincare routine yet then you need to know that a skincare routine before makeup is essential for that flawless look.

Stained Lips and Matte Lipsticks 

We had to bid our creamy lipsticks and tinted lipgloss farewell because it is such a struggle to have them on your lips underneath a mask. Lip stains and matte lipsticks are the new beauty trend given the unique circumstances, and they are here to stay. The fact that you need to have your mask on does not mean you can’t smudge your favourite red lipstick on. Lip stains and matte lipsticks make it easy to stay glammed up even with a mask over them. You don’t need to worry about your lips drying out because there are brands that have hydrating formulas to keep your lips well moisturized throughout the day.

Which beauty trend have you hopped on and which will you be planning to give a try? These beauty trends taking over 2021 are certainly what we need after a more than eventful – or otherwise uneventful year.

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