Beauty trends to leave in 2020

The Beauty Trends We Need To Leave Behind In 2020

Beauty trends to say goodbye to

While 2020 was well, that year, there were still a few makeup and beauty trends that came to life during the first few months. Being the pandemic year, 2020 brought about a new way of life, not leaving out makeup and beauty trends.

We spent the better part of the year at home, reflecting and getting to know ourselves and loved ones more, so we had no need for outings. However, when the world reopened, and there was definitely a change and some certain makeup and beauty trends got tanked. As always, trends don’t last forever and sadly some must come to an end. Here are the trends to leave behind in 2020 while we get a fresh new start in the new year.

Beauty Trends We Won’t Be Needing Anymore

1. Heavy and Full Makeup Coverage 

For most of 2020 the whole world was under lockdown and all events got canceled or postponed indefinitely. We couldn’t go out so there really wasn’t much need for makeup – except you wanted to glam up for those Zoom meetings, lol. Finally, when we were allowed out, it came with new things like having to wear a mask constantly. Wearing a mask meant less makeup on and most people said goodbye to having heavy makeup on. Simplicity became the new chic and life became all too simple. Now, in the new year, the minimal approach to makeup waxes stronger and better.

2. Out With The Dark Smokey Eye 

The dark smokey eye look is one that barely made it in 2020. The trend saw a quick end in the year as people had nowhere to rock this look to. Since the eyes were mostly what was left visible after putting on a mask, why conceal it further by having dark smokey eyes, right? This look is now more for photoshoots, look books and so on, but not for the everyday outings.

3. Not Having A Skincare Routine 

All we had was time in 2020, and one could even day we had more than enough of it. So why then wouldn’t we take the time out to start and be diligent with a new skincare routine. Gone are the days when we never had enough time to try something new, or get online and do a search on some of the best products we could use. Now it seems out of tune to not have a skincare routine in the new year – I mean like how did you think all the glow up happened for most people? It’s easier now more than ever to get all the necessary information and products needed for that perfect glass like skin. Learn why a skincare routine is so vital to getting that flawless makeup look.

4. Metallic or Bold Lipsticks 

I feel like this is actually more than obvious. It was and still is a struggle to have lipstick or gloss on especially now that we have to put a mask on. It basically was futile having bold or metallic lipsticks on because well, it would smear on your mask, and no one was going to be able to appreciate them. So, people went with simple lip choices given the circumstances and found out that less is definitely more. It doesn’t mean you can’t have on your red lipstick for that power look and feel.

5. Very Thick Brows 

The trend was so  two years ago, but if by some chance it found its way to 2020 then it needs to be left behind. Really thick brows have gone out of style and the new trend is more lighter, feathery brows. You don’t need to plaster on your browser penciled or punmade anymore, a light hand is all you need.

While we say goodbye to some of these beauty trends, the saying “there is nothing new under the sun” comes to mind. It isn’t unusual for certain beauty trends to make a come back later on, and maybe we’ll be back to one or two of these beauty trends in the future – except bit having a skincare routine, that is none negotiable.

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