the best beauty tips and tricks

5 Of The Best Beauty Tips and Tricks That Will Save Your Life

the best beauty tips and tricks

The world of makeup and beauty has changed a lot from what it used to be. Makeup looks, products, tips, and so on that were relevant a few years ago aren’t anymore. Beauty tips and tricks have literally saved lives and come to the rescue on multiple occasions.

Beauty tips and tricks aren’t just to cut corners when it comes to beauty, no. These are practical hacks that can save you lots of time, save your products, and save you money in the long run.  The world of beauty is ever-evolving which makes keeping up a bit stressful. So, it’s important you know the basic tips and tricks that have and will remain relevant for another few years to come.

Beauty Tips and Tricks You Should Know 

Every woman should have a few beauty tips and tricks up her sleeve. They come in handy at times when you need a quick makeup fix but you’re not with the right product. Speaking of products, you also learn the best ways to use and maximize certain beauty products to the fullest.

No more long talks, let’s dive into the beauty tips and tricks we should all know.

1. Always have a lip balm 

Lip balm has been a beauty saver for ages now. It may look ordinary, but the number of things you can do with that tiny tube is fascinating. Lip balms do more than just moisturize your lips – even though that is very essential, but they also serve multiple purposes. If you’ve ever had to deal with flyaways, then you know how uncool and annoying they can be. A little lip balm can help you tuck those pesky hair strands away. Trust me, this is pretty effective when you don’t have the right products handy.

You can also use lip balm to add a dewy effect to your makeup look. All you need to do is apply some balm on your eyelids and certain parts of your face you want to look dewy, and you’re good to go. Finally, if you have unruly brows, you can tame them and set them in place with a little lip balm, and voila, you have naturally defined brows without any products. I bet you never knew the wonders of the content in that little tube until now. You can do so much more with your lip balm, it’s just a matter of creativity and necessity.

2. Quit pumping your mascara 

You get that new bomb mascara people have been talking about, but after using it a few times it dries out. It’s simply because you pumped your mascaras while using it. Quite a few of us fell victim to this, including me. You should swirl the wand in the tube and not pump it. Pumping the wand in the tube traps air which will try out the product much faster. You can get more product in the wand by swirling the wand in the tube, and best of all, your mascara lasts way longer. So, Dave yourself the extra change from buying new mascara even though you just got a new one last week.

3. Pull the mascaras wand horizontally and upwards instead 

When applying mascara to your lash, pull the wand horizontally and upward to properly lengthen your lashes. It also adds more volume and helps you apply the mascara evenly onto your lashes. Another benefit of applying your mascara this way is that you avoid clumps on your lashes because the excess will be brushed out. Your eyes will look better and your lashes longer and fuller.

4. Make your hair smell nice 

I’m sure most of you would be wondering how you can make your hair smell nice. It’s quite simple really, and maybe some of you know this trick already. Select your favorite fragrance, pick up your hairbrush, and spray some of the product on the brush. Run the brush through your hair and the scent is transferred to your hair, leaving your hair smelling divine. Some people spray directly on their hair, but that’s not good because it can damage your hair.

5. Get that setting spray 

The use of setting spray for your everyday makeup is seriously underrated. You need to get that setting spray and make use of it even for your everyday makeup look and not just when you’re glammed up. Trust me this is a lifesaver, and you’ll surely see the difference in your makeup at the end of the day. A setting spray puts your makeup together, giving it a nice finish. It also prevents your makeup from melting much faster than when you don’t spray your face. So, if you think setting spray only belongs in the box of makeup artists, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Grab yours today and thank me later.

Here are some more tips on how to identify the right lipstick shade for your skin tone.

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