the best makeup palettes

The Best Makeup Palettes Every Makeup Artists Needs

the best makeup palettes

As a new upcoming makeup artist, getting as many makeup products as possible is your top priority. You want to deliver the best makeup looks, so you need all the necessary products. A great alternative is to get the best makeup palettes as opposed to singles.

But how many makeup palettes do makeup artists need to begin?

For starters, you need to get the basic makeup products to start with like foundations, concealers, eyeshadow, lipsticks, and so on. Getting singles of these products can be quite expensive, especially for a newbie or a pro on a tight budget. so, you need makeup palettes and not just any kind, but the best makeup palettes available.

Benefits of Makeup Palettes 

Makeup palettes are an ingenious creation in the makeup industry. There are quite some benefits attached to getting makeup palettes instead of singles. Here are some of the benefits to getting makeup palettes:

  • The best makeup palettes save costs as they are much cheaper when compared to the prices of single products.
  • You get all the shades you need in one place. Save yourself the time and stress of looking for a certain foundation shade and instead have everything in one place. It helps you look more organized and put together.
  • You get variety in one place. Most of the basic shades are found at your disposal in one place. Saves you some valuable time.
  • They help you compartmentalize and save space in your makeup kit. You can switch bags and not worry about forgetting a particular foundation shade or concealer behind.

These are just a few benefits of having makeup palettes in your kit.

The Best Makeup Palettes 

A number of makeup products come in palettes. Most of the products you find in palettes include foundation, concealer, lippies, eyeshadow, powder, blush, highlighting, and contouring kits.

Without any more delay, let’s find out the best makeup palettes you will need to begin your makeup journey.

Foundation Palettes 

  1. Zikel Cosmetics: The foundation palette has 12 shades to help you start your makeup journey. It can also double as a concealer, highlighter, and also used to contour.

Powder Palettes 

  1. Flawless Ivy Face Powder Set: The set comes with fifteen powder shades that also include some blushers and bronzers. It is an all-encompassing palette that is cost-effective.
  2. L.A. Girl palette: A popular choice among makeup artists, the L.A. Girl palette is one of the most durable powder palettes. It is affordable and retails for 2500 naira. It is a matte powder set that gives you full coverage and value for your money.
  3. Vee Beauty Powder Palette: As described by a vendor, this powder palette is a banger. Having nice beautiful powder shades, you can now finish off any makeup look with a mattifying touch. It is a bit expensive as it retails for 7000 naira.
  4. Zikel Face It Powder Palette: Zikel is a brand to be reckoned with, and their palette has gotten so many positive reviews from makeup artists. It comes in two different palette sizes, a small palette with 6 shades and a bigger palette with 12 shades. It is certainly a powder palette you want to have in your makeup kit.
  5. Zaron Powder Palette: Would this list be complete without an all-time best-seller brand. I’m sure we’ve heard of the Zaron brand somewhere, and if you didn’t know, they also have a powder palette to cater to all your makeup needs. You can ask your makeup retailer, or walk into any certified Zaron store to get yours.

The Best Concealer Palettes 

  1. Kleancolor liquid concealer palette: The Kleancolor concealer palette is one of the affordable brands on this list. It is a liquid concealer palette, and it gets the job of highlighting and contouring done. There are 10 shades for you to work with so you are not limited. The retail price is 2500.
  2. Ewaronke pro illusion concealer palette: The brand is one of the newer Nigerian-owned makeup brands. The illusion concealer does what it says, gives you the right illusions you need. The palette has 12 shades that go with any skin tone, and it retails for 6500 naira.
  3. Vee beauty worth the hype concealer palette: The Vee beauty brand constantly keeps it up by giving the best products, and this concealer palette is no exception. It has 12 shades, with color correctors to help you take care of more unique skin issues. Most people don’t know the importance of color correctors until they have dark circles that showing up under their makeup. With all these benefits in one, the palette retails for 6000 naira.
  4. The Ferraruchi concealer palette: Have you seen the size of this concealer palette? Now, this is what you call a compact palette that saves you space. Despite the size, there are 12 shades in the palette, one for every look. The palette goes for about 9000 naira.

The Best Lip Color Palettes 

We all know as women, we can’t have enough lipstick shades, lol. If you’re anything like me – a lipstick freak, it becomes very hard to decide on which shade to buy. The downside to having so many lipsticks is that the more you buy, the more space is taken up in your makeup kit. Thankfully, lip colors now come in palettes too. Here are some lippie palettes with just enough shades to curb your cravings.

  1. Just Gold Lip Palette: if you think no palette can give you a variety of shades, then you should check this palette out. There are 28 different lip colors to choose from, ranging from cute pastel colors to dark purples. There is also an application brush in the palette.
  2. L.A. Pride Matte Lipstick Palette: Get nude colors, some dark colors, and even a shade of blue in this lipstick palette. The best part is, it’s matte so you don’t have to worry about it smudging off 10 minutes after you apply it on. It is very affordable and retails for just 1500 naira.
  3. Imagic Lip Palette: The OG of the lipstick palette section has to go to this brand. There are different palettes with various combinations of lipstick colors that give a beautiful finish. It is a versatile palette as it can also be used for SFX if you are into this. It goes for 7000 naira, but it is very well worth the price.

The Best Highlighter Palette 

Your makeup isn’t complete without a little glow *in Cardi B’s voice. You need to have the best glow kits that are super pigmented and let your clients shine like the stars they are – you know, like render all their haters blind, lol. Well, here are some of the best glow kits.

  1. Aurora Febble Glow Kit: with six beautiful shimmery shades, there is surely one for every skin tone. It’s the right size, comes in a beautiful design, and very affordable, retailing for 2500 naira.
  2. Zaron Gold Crush Palette: The name already tells you all you need to know about this palette. It comes in three basic shades, light, medium, and dark. It is a beauty to behold and is even more beautiful when applied to the face.
  3. Flawless Ivy Glow Kit: As usual, the Flawless Ivy brand is doing the Lord’s work in terms of serving premium makeup products. This is that glow kit I talked about earlier, you know, the one that almost renders the haters blind. It’s super affordable and goes for 3000 naira.

The Best Eyeshadow Palette 

There are so many eyeshadow palettes out there. I will be running through a few but not going into details.

  1. The Vee Reloaded Eyeshadow palette
  2. Flawless Ivy palettes
  3. Juvia’s Place palettes
  4. Blossoms eyeshadow palette
  5. Morphe eyeshadow palettes 

The list of the best makeup palettes is by no means exhaustive. It just takes a bit of patience to surf through social media or the internet for these great palettes. You can also get these palettes at discounted prices following the tips on how to shop on a budget. Remember to read the terms and conditions on free or discounted makeup items.

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