difference between bronzer, highlighter, and illuminator

The Significant Difference Between Bronzer, Highlighter, and An Illuminator

difference between bronzer, highlighter, and illuminator

Let’s be honest, sometimes it gets increasingly difficult to keep up with almost every facet of makeup, especially as a newbie. You’ve heard someone make reference to a bronzer and how it differs from an illuminator. Now you’re left wondering the difference between bronzer, highlighter, and an illuminator.

As always, you know I gat your back. I’m your go-to girl when you need clarification on everything makeup and beauty. You no longer need to feel like you’re in the dark on some matters that are makeup related anymore. Without too much talk let’s get to the topic of finding out the difference between bronzer, highlighter, and illuminator.

What’s The Difference Between Bronzer, Highlighter, and Illuminator? 

The constant need to achieve and strive for perfection in the makeup industry has led to the production of so many products, some having similarities in function. This is all in a bid to get the perfectly snatched nose, natural-looking glow, and subtle radiance that can be gotten by just a few drops of a makeup product. If you are new to the world of makeup, then rightly distinguishing between these products and the right application of each can be tough.

I will be explaining to you in simple terms what the difference between a bronzer, highlighter, and illuminator. A quick reminder that all these makeup products are multifunctional. That is, you don’t necessarily need to stick to only one way of using them as one can come in handy when a certain product is unavailable. Let’s start with the first one, bronzer.

1. Bronzer 

As with most other products, bronzers come in different formulas such as liquid, powder, and cream. Some of the also a little bit of shimmer to add that extra glow to your skin. What are bronzers used for? They are majorly used to give your skin that sun-kissed look. You should note that bronzing and contouring are not the same as they have been confused to be the same thing. Matte bronzers in a darker shade can also be used to add definition to your face, and unlike contour, you can apply the bronzer to more areas of your face. The difference between bronzer and the other makeup products are discussed below.

2. Highlighter 

Highlighters are a bit more popular in terms of use. Almost everyone you know, makeup artist or not has one in their makeup purse. As most of us already know, highlighters are applied to the high points of your face to help reflect more light on these areas. Places like your chin, forehead, cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and top of your upper lips are usually the focal points when applying a highlighter.

This help to accentuate these features especially in pictures where a lot of light is needed and used. If you’ve ever had your makeup professionally done and your pictures were taken, then you must have surely noticed the difference between when the highlighter was applied or between your usual pictures.

3. Illuminator 

I recently discussed what an illuminator was and how to make use of them. Everything you need to know about illuminators has been deeply discussed. Also learn the right way to apply illuminator drops for the right effect. However, the significant difference is that an illuminator has more use than the above-listed products. You can apply illuminator drops all over your face, alone, mixed with your foundation (for liquid illuminator), beneath or on top of your foundation.

You can definitely apply your illuminator however which way suits your beauty needs. Illuminators are gentle and give you a subtle glow, and a sort of radiance that is beautiful. You can also use it on other exposed parts of your body like your collar bone or chest are. There really isn’t that much of a limit to how you can use an illuminator which is what makes it such a great product.

All in all, you do not need to have all three products in your makeup bag, especially if you are not a professional makeup artist. You can simply go for the highlighter if you want that standout effect in your pictures, or an illuminator if you want something more natural that can be used every day without being overwhelming. A bronzer is also perfect for that sun-kissed look in your pictures and for those events.

Now you know the simple but important difference between bronzer, highlighter, and an illuminator.

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