Essential products for personal makeup

The Essential Makeup Products for Personal Makeup

the essential makeup products for personal makeup

So, you are starting with makeup or a pro (for yourself, at least though). It’s essential to have your collection of makeup products that will enable you to create your everyday look. You have to buy the bare essential makeup products before filing your makeup box or bag with those irrelevant, fancy makeup products.

In this article, I will give you a guide through the essential makeup products you need as a beginner. Now, let’s start with the essential makeup products that every woman should have in their kit:

The Essential Makeup Products You Need

Eyebrow products (pencils, fillers, etc.): This is the most crucial step of my makeup routine cause my natural eyebrows look like the remains of a deserted forest (not nice, right?). I don’t know about you. Suppose your case is like mine; you might want to up your game by buying eyebrow products. Buy an eye pencil, pomade, or filler for that natural effect.

Eyeshadow primer: We all know what primer does from the beginning of this article, but that’s not the end. A good eye primer should not only prevent your eye makeup from sliding off, fading, and creasing, but should also be in a formulation that keeps colors looking true to how they’re supposed to all day long.

Eyeshadow: You want your look to be colorful and attractive, don’t you? Then eyeshadow is your go-to guy for it. Get a pallet that has all the essential colors you may need for a simple eye makeup look. You can read how to achieve a smokey eye look and all the things required for the look. The simple eyeshadow tutorial below will help you achieve a simple and elegant eyeshadow look.

Eyeliner and Mascara: These duo work like magic once you learn how to use them. The problem is usually shaky hands and inability to do your own eyes while using them to do your look! It’s a chore honestly! But I promise that if you practice, you will master the use and get a hang of it. And please, GET ONLY WATERPROOF mascara and eyeliner.

Oil Control/Moisturizer: Depending on your skin type and the weather of where you are domiciled, you NEED these! Honestly, the makeup will crack if your skin produces extra oil and it will crack if it’s too dry! A balance of moisture and oil in your skin is very essential, and you can achieve that with these.

Primer: Face primer is a significant step in makeup, especially if you want your makeup to look fresh and last long. 

Foundation: A lot of people think that foundation is challenging to apply  (especially newbies). But it’s not so hard, once you know your skin type and the type of coverage you want to achieve. The right set of tools also helps for easy application as well. Finding your shade might be a tad bit difficult but guess what? You can walk into your favourite beauty products retail store and ask for help. Don’t try to select on your own. There are so many things that go into choosing the right shade! I will probably do an entire blog post about this soon.

Concealer: For those of us who have acne-prone skin, have many scars, or are very familiar with dark spots and discoloration, concealer is the next makeup product you should buy as its very important. 

Blush: For me, this is not so important cause I rarely use a blush, but to many, its fundamental cause of the considerable effect on your overall look. If you want some color to your cheeks, then you can get this as well.

Highlighter: Who doesn’t want their face to lit up a bit for those bomb pictures. You haven’t truly created a look without some highlighter. Add some highlights to the high points of your face for that glow. It also makes your face appear well lit in pictures too.

Bronzer: This is useful if only you know how to apply it and the right shade, but whatever the case is, a shade 2 times darker than your complexion will work the magic!

Setting spray: It works the magic, just like your primer, and ensures that your makeup comes together and lasts long.

Now the basic essential makeup products for Lips.

Lipstick: You are never truly ready with your lipstick. Go for simple basic colors that will make your look pop.

Lip gloss: I prefer lipgloss to my lipstick cause you can never mess up your lips or look when applying lipgloss, which is not so for lipstick. You can apply lipgloss in a hurry and still nail the look.

Now that we are through with the essential makeup products you need how about the tools you need to apply them.

You can watch the YouTube video for an easy everyday makeup look for beginners.

Get brushes for every purpose, and make sure you get the original ones. Also, get your applicators such as your beauty blender, and so on to apply your essential makeup products.

I hope this was helpful.  Leave a comment below; let’s know your idea of the right products you consider makeup essentials. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tips, tricks, and beauty content.

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