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Color Correcting Concealers: How To, The Best, And All You Need To Know

Imagine spending hours perfecting your makeup, only to realize that the dark circles under your eyes are still very much visible? It is beyond heartbreaking and can feel like a total waste of time. The simple antidote to this dilemma – color correcting concealers. I’m sure we all know the basic concealer we use to highlight and conceal blemishes, but how many of us know about color correcting concealers.

Asking how many people know how to use color correcting concealers or what the best is might be stretching it a bit. If you’ve suffered from redness, dark circles, and stubborn blemishes for quite some time with no effective solution, then you’re in luck because help is finally here.

What Is Color Correcting

Before we dive deep, you need to know what color correcting is, so let’s define it. Color correcting is a technique used by professional makeup artists by using colored concealer to cover certain problem areas on the face. Most of these issues can not be helped such as having redness (usually common to fair people) or obvious colored veins. Makeup artists have used this method for quite some years now until it broke into mainstream media, and we all found out what the secret was.

Color correcting concealers are not your average concealers, and as the name implies, they are colored. These different types of colored concealers correct different kinds of skin blemishes. Based on your skin tone and the nature of your skin issues, knowing how to color correct properly will save you the stress of an awkward situation.

There are times when your basic concealer will not be enough to cover the fact that you’ve barely had any sleep, this is where your color correcting concealer saves the day. note that the key phrase here is knowing how to color correct properly. If you don’t learn the how-to and you still go ahead to buy the products, it’s almost as good as wasting your money. Now, it’s time to learn how to color correct.

How To Use Color Correct Concealers Like A Pro

As a professional makeup artist, it is a must you learn how to color correct. Why I say “it’s a must” is because, being a professional makeup artists means you’ll work with different skin tones and types, all with unique blemishes and skin issues. Your job and the ultimate goal is to give your clients that flawless makeup look that will have heads rolling when they step into a room.

To begin, you need to understand that different color correctors and methods apply to different skin tones. That being said, it’s time to learn how to color correct for the different skin tones.

There are five basic color correcting concealers that all correct different problems.

For dark circles and shadows, color correctors in the peach family are perfect to conceal any trace of fatigue around your eyes and face. The most commonly used corrector is the orange or deep peach shade for dark skin, and a lighter shade (or you go easy on the orange) for fair skin. It will effectively cover up the bluish hue from the dark circles and get rid of dark shadows.

The green correcting concealer banishes all appearances of redness on your face. Green concealers are used because green is on the opposite end of red on the color wheel. If you have pimples, acne scars, and redness on your face, then you need to have this concealer handy.

Reviving a dull complexion can be quite the task, but the purple concealer helps with just that. It can also be used with yellowish skin tones in addition to combating dullness. Apply a purple concealer on areas with yellow spots on your face, or use a generous amount to breathe some life back into that dull skin tone.

Yellow color correctors are used to conceal eye circles, veins, and purplish bruises on the face. Generally, any blemish that has a purple undertone will be taken care of by a yellow concealer.

Finally, as mentioned before, the pink concealer belongs to the peach family used in concealing shadows and dark circles. It is used mostly on fair skin tone to cover-up dark circles and shadows under the eyes and around the face.

To make use of a color corrector, you simply need to apply it to the problem areas of your face after applying your moisturizer and primer. Be sure to blend it into the skin properly so it does not mix up or appear after you’ve applied foundation – that will be a very weird look.

The Best Color Correcting Concealer

One of the best and most famous color correctors is the L.A Pro concealers. The brand has a variety of other concealers that enables you to give that perfect makeup look that is blemish-free to your customers. What is also great about this brand is that they are also affordable retailing for about 1,500 naira. The brand also has concealers in other shades that help you contour and highlight your face.

There are other makeup brands that have concealers in a variety of shades. Just like everything else in makeup, it is crucial to pick out the right shade that suits your skin tone. If you will be needing it for your personal use, then don’t be afraid to ask an expert beautician for help on identifying the right shades for you.

Lastly, finish off your look with some bronzer, blush, or highlighter. These are all different, so it’s important to know the significant difference between all of these products.

Now, you see that you’ve been in need of a color correcting concealer all along. Find the nearest makeup store to grab yours for that flawless look.

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