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the best beauty tips and tricks

The world of makeup and beauty has changed a lot from what it used to be. Makeup looks, products, tips, and so on that were relevant a few years ago aren’t anymore. Beauty tips and tricks have literally saved lives and come to the rescue on multiple occasions.

Beauty tips and tricks aren’t just to cut corners when it comes to beauty, no. These are practical hacks that can save you lots of time, save your products, and save you money in the long run.  The world of beauty is ever-evolving which makes keeping up a bit stressful. So, it’s important you know the basic tips and tricks that have and will remain relevant for another few years to come.

Beauty Tips and Tricks You Should Know 

Every woman should have a few beauty tips and tricks up her sleeve. They come in handy at times when you need a quick makeup fix but you’re not with the right product. Speaking of products, you also learn the best ways to use and maximize certain beauty products to the fullest.

No more long talks, let’s dive into the beauty tips and tricks we should all know.

1. Always have a lip balm 

Lip balm has been a beauty saver for ages now. It may look ordinary, but the number of things you can do with that tiny tube is fascinating. Lip balms do more than just moisturize your lips – even though that is very essential, but they also serve multiple purposes. If you’ve ever had to deal with flyaways, then you know how uncool and annoying they can be. A little lip balm can help you tuck those pesky hair strands away. Trust me, this is pretty effective when you don’t have the right products handy.

You can also use lip balm to add a dewy effect to your makeup look. All you need to do is apply some balm on your eyelids and certain parts of your face you want to look dewy, and you’re good to go. Finally, if you have unruly brows, you can tame them and set them in place with a little lip balm, and voila, you have naturally defined brows without any products. I bet you never knew the wonders of the content in that little tube until now. You can do so much more with your lip balm, it’s just a matter of creativity and necessity.

2. Quit pumping your mascara 

You get that new bomb mascara people have been talking about, but after using it a few times it dries out. It’s simply because you pumped your mascaras while using it. Quite a few of us fell victim to this, including me. You should swirl the wand in the tube and not pump it. Pumping the wand in the tube traps air which will try out the product much faster. You can get more product in the wand by swirling the wand in the tube, and best of all, your mascara lasts way longer. So, Dave yourself the extra change from buying new mascara even though you just got a new one last week.

3. Pull the mascaras wand horizontally and upwards instead 

When applying mascara to your lash, pull the wand horizontally and upward to properly lengthen your lashes. It also adds more volume and helps you apply the mascara evenly onto your lashes. Another benefit of applying your mascara this way is that you avoid clumps on your lashes because the excess will be brushed out. Your eyes will look better and your lashes longer and fuller.

4. Make your hair smell nice 

I’m sure most of you would be wondering how you can make your hair smell nice. It’s quite simple really, and maybe some of you know this trick already. Select your favorite fragrance, pick up your hairbrush, and spray some of the product on the brush. Run the brush through your hair and the scent is transferred to your hair, leaving your hair smelling divine. Some people spray directly on their hair, but that’s not good because it can damage your hair.

5. Get that setting spray 

The use of setting spray for your everyday makeup is seriously underrated. You need to get that setting spray and make use of it even for your everyday makeup look and not just when you’re glammed up. Trust me this is a lifesaver, and you’ll surely see the difference in your makeup at the end of the day. A setting spray puts your makeup together, giving it a nice finish. It also prevents your makeup from melting much faster than when you don’t spray your face. So, if you think setting spray only belongs in the box of makeup artists, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Grab yours today and thank me later.

Here are some more tips on how to identify the right lipstick shade for your skin tone.

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The 8 Best Skincare Tips For Healthy Skin Sat, 27 Feb 2021 10:44:36 +0000 The dream of everyone is to have flawless, healthy skin, but achieving this is no easy task. Your skin’s health is very important even aside from makeup. You have searched and searched for the best skincare tips for healthy skin, but you haven’t gotten anything concrete. In the pursuit of getting that “glowing skin,” we try several products and routines, only to realize that they aren’t as effective as we would like them to be.

There are a few factors to consider when striving to get healthy, glowing skin. It goes beyond just wanting it but also making some lifestyle and beauty changes.

Best Skincare Tips For Healthy Skin 

A skincare routine is essential to your makeup looks and overall appearance. I believe everyone should have a basic routine that is easy to follow. The truth is that if you do not take care of your skin or pay more attention to it, using makeup products will only aggravate your skin issues.

Here are some basic skin care tips that will help you get or maintain that healthy skin.

Tip #1. Adopt a skincare routine 

A skincare routine is the first and most essential step towards getting a healthy skincare routine. Doing the basics will do the most for your skin. Something as simple as washing your face twice a day can get rid of a lot of germs and bacteria that contribute to your skin issues. A basic skincare routine involves;

  • Exfoliating with a chemical or physical scrub.
  • Cleanse your face regularly.
  • Using a moisturizer.
  • Using a toner/essence.

Doing these and a little bit more will save you a great deal of heartache when it comes to your skin’s health.

Tip #2. Don’t use too many products 

Using too many products at the same time may be doing more harm than good to your skin. You should limit the number of products used on your skin, as some products can’t be used together. Layering too many products can clog your pores and cause the same breakouts you’re trying to avoid. If you must layer your skincare products, you should know the right way to layer them and what products you can layer.

Tip #3. Avoid touching your face 

One of the easiest ways to get acne-causing bacteria is by touching your face. It is a known  rule that you shouldn’t pick at your face, neither should you pop pimples that spring up. Try to keep your hands off your face as much as possible to prevent the transfer of germs and bacteria. If you must touch your face, wash your hands first before touching your face.

Tip #4. Always use sunscreen 

 Always, always, always use sunscreen on exposed parts of your body, especially your face, come rain or sunshine. Sunscreen is very crucial t giving your skin the best care it needs. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, you should always have some sunscreen on because it protects your skin from harmful rays.

Tip #5. Stay hydrated 

Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated is not only good for your skin but for your overall well-being. It is recommended that you drink lots of water to flush out toxic waste and impurities from your skin and body system.

Tip #6. Eat healthily 

You are what you eat, and your diet plays a vital role in the outcome of your skincare. Your diet affects how your skin turns out at the end of the day. Certain foods can contribute to some skin issues, while others can help you combat other skin issues. Avoid greasy meals, sugary foods, fizzy drinks, and junk foods in general because they are harmful to your health and your skin. Eat lots of greens, vegetables, and antioxidant-rich foods. These boost the elastin and collagen of your skin, and it improves the barrier of your skin.

Tip #7. Clean your makeup brushes and tools regularly 

Makeup brushes and other makeup tools are another means by which germs and bacteria can be transferred to your skin. Dirty brushes are a breeding ground for these germs, and using them constantly without cleaning contributes to breakouts and acne. If washing your brushes seems like too much stress – which it can be sometimes, you can get an instant brush cleaner which is just as effective. The Queek instant brush cleaner not only cleans your brushes but also sanitizes your brush, killing 99% of germs. It’s quick, effective, and easy to use, plus it’s also affordable.

Tip #8. Get lots of rest 

Not getting enough rest can easily be seen on your face, and it also affects your health in general. You need to get your beauty rest so you feel better and look better. Not getting enough sleep will surely hinder the regeneration of lost skin cells on your face and other parts of your body. You should get at least 7 hours of sleep so your body has ample time to recuperate from the stress of the day.

Getting that great skin you’ve always dreamed about won’t be a day’s job, it will take consistent practice and time to get the best results. Now you have 8 of the best skincare tips for healthy skin that will actually get you results. It’s also essential to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes and remember to be patient with yourself. Remember to be kind to your skin and you will be rewarded with a glowy, healthy appearance.

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How Long Should You Keep Your Beauty Products Before Throwing Them Out Thu, 25 Feb 2021 14:09:12 +0000  We all have those products that only make an appearance once every year. There are also the products that constantly remain at the bottom of our makeup bag regardless of what time of the year it is. It’s never easy parting ways with some of your beloved beauty products. It can be very tough especially when these products are hardly ever used, hard to come by, and super expensive. I think we’re all guilty of being overly sentimental about beauty products, including me.

However, beauty products aren’t made to last forever and a day. As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” The same applies to beauty products. Holding on to expired products is beyond gross, it is potentially harmful to your skin and overall wellbeing. Bacteria and micro-organisms are present in almost everything, and products usually serve as their playground. There is a stipulated time to hold on to some products and a time to let them go. Keeping them way past their due date may be causing your skin more harm, contributing to the very same skin issues you are trying to banish.

Things To Note About Beauty Products 

There are a few things we all need to know about beauty products before and after making a purchase. Having this knowledge at the back of your mind can potentially help you make better choices when shopping for beauty products.

Every Beauty Product Expires 

Have it at the back of your mind that the luxury lipstick you are about to buy is undoubtedly going to expire someday. Knowing this prepares your mind for a time when you will have to toss that lipstick once it has gone past its due date. It could also help you make use of it more often than you usually would.

Every single beauty item purchased will eventually go bad if not used up. Expiration dates vary from product to product, and it depends on the nature of the product as well. How you make use of the products and where you keep these products can also influence the expiration date.

Period After Opening (POA) 

Most beauty products come with a POA symbol either on the pack or on the body of the products. We probably would have noticed this symbol but we’re oblivious to what it means or stands for. As the name implies, the POA symbol tells you how long you have to use a product after opening before it’s time to toss it.

The open jar symbol before the recycle symbol with the number 12 in it is the POA. it simply means 12 months after opening this bottle of foundation it should be thrown away. Sadly this information is on the packaging and not on the container itself, which means once you toss the box, that’s the end. At other times it is difficult to recollect when exactly you broke the seal and started using the products, which makes it difficult to estimate the given period.

A remedy to this is using a pen or a sharp tool to inscribe the date you opened the product. It is more accurate and helpful than simply relying on the POA symbol alone.

Identifying Bad Beauty Products 

It’s crucial to know when your beauty products have started going bad, even if it hasn’t gotten to the expiration date yet. Products that have changed color from when you bought them, have a funny smell and have a different texture from when you used them originally are all signs that you need to get rid of these products. Also, if you noticed that your liquid products are separating or have become very runny, it’s a sign that the product is bad.

You should also be aware of the fact that liquid products get contaminate faster than powder products. Finally, you should be wary of any product that is labeled as free of preservatives. If there isn’t some kind of preservative then be prepared for them to go bad faster than other products in your kit. Just imagine these products like fresh vegetables, they have a very short lifespan, even when placed in the refrigerator.

When To Trash Your Beauty Products 

Products vary in type and so do their trash dates. The conditions in which they are stored also affect this date. Other factors like not sharing these products, keeping them in a cool and dry place, not sticking your fingers in the products, and keeping them away from light also come into play. These factors ensure that you can use your products till the longest possible date.

So, when should you trash your beauty products?

  • Powder-based products typically last 2 to 3 years.
  • Stick, liquid, or cream products last 6 months to 1 year
  • Mascaras and eyeliners should stay for 3 to 6 months. If your mascara dries out, trash it. Don’t add water or any other liquid substance to make it last longer.
  • Lip gloss, lip pencils, and lipsticks last 2 to 3 years.

How To Store Your Beauty Products 

Storing your products ensures their longevity and prevents them from getting contaminated fast. Here are the right ways to store your beauty products.

  • Always wash your hands before using any product.
  • If you’ve just suffered an eye infection, you should toss out eye products used. It prevents the preservation of the bacteria that possibly caused the infection in the first place.
  • Store your beauty products in a drawer or cabinet.
  • Store skincare products in the refrigerator.
  • Stop pumping your mascara to get the product out. Doing so traps air in the tube which dries out the remaining product.
  • Buy authentic products from trusted stores.
  • Avoid putting your makeup product in the sunlight.
  • Avoid sharing your beauty products with others, even family members.
  • Always clean the cap and body of your products after use or if you notice stains, spillage, or if it drops to the floor.
  • Close and tighten the cap of products after use.
  • Follow the expiration dates on the products and also look out for the POA symbol.

These simple steps will not only preserve your beauty products but will ensure they are free from contamination so you get the best out of them.

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The 10 Best Makeup Looks For Date-Night Sun, 21 Feb 2021 12:10:22 +0000  Who doesn’t love to glam up for date-night? I know I do. Date-night is that time to take your makeup game a step higher. On most days, we’re used to doing the basics for our everyday makeup look. However, for date-night, you have to bring your A-game. You can get all the best makeup looks for date-night at your fingertips.

It’s been a while since we were able to glam up for any outing, but now we can – while still following protocol. There are bold looks, toned down looks, nudes, a bit of blue, shimmery looks, and just about every look to try out, whether you’re a minimalist or not. Whether you choose to get a makeup artist for the occasion or try something new yourself, there is a look to inspire you.

Makeup Looks For Date-night Gallery 

If you’re getting ready for a romantic date-night or just a casual date, then you’re in the right place. Get the best inspiration here, with pictures too.

Glittered Nude 

Glitters can be a bit overwhelming, especially for a night out, but when done right, it is simply gorgeous. Adding glitters to a neutral look, like in the picture below gives that standout effect without being too much. You can either use glitters or shimmery eyeshadow in that shade, but just a little will do.

Cut Crease 

A cut crease look is definitely something to try out. It makes your eye makeup more defined and draws attention to your eyes. You can go for a light shade to cut the crease just like in the picture, or go for something more your style. 

Glossy Nude with Full Lashes 

Yes, you can get yourself that full faux lashes for that date. Pair your full lashes with nude lips if you want to be bold without going over the top.

Bold Liner With A Pastel Shade 

The contrast between the dark liner and the pink eyeshadow is what makes this look special. What makes this so obvious and beautiful is the fact that the lower waterline is lined. You can try this look in this shade for that classy put-together look, or go for a similar eyeshadow shade you know will give the same effect.

Sexy Red Lips 

I’m sure we all know that red is tat signature bold color you need to stand out in any crowd. You can pair your red lips with neutral eyes or subtle eyeshadow shade so all the attention remains on the lips. If you want to bring your sexy on, then red lips are the way to go.

makeup looks for date night

Blue Smokey Eye 

Pull out your blue metallic eyeshadow for that sultry smokey eye look. It’s bold yet sophisticate at the same time. You can’t g wrong with a blue smokey eye look because it is just perfect for a date-night.

Pastel With Gold Inner Corners 

Go the extra mile by slightly matching your lipstick shade with your eyeshadow shade. Top the eye look with some gold shimmery eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eyes to give that glam effect. The gold eyeshadow at the inner corners of the eyes makes your eyes the focal point of attention. Add a little lip gloss and you’re good to go.

“No Makeup” Makeup Look + Winged Liner 

It’s fine if you’re not so much of an adventurer with your makeup looks. No need for all the “serenren” as most of us would say. You can play it safe with the “no makeup” makeup look and add a winged liner as your little show of rebellion. It’s perfect because it’s simple, quick, and easy to do. Plus, it can be achieved on any skin tone, so no worries about whether or not it will suit you.

Blue Lower Liner + Two-Toned Nude Lips 

For another safe neutral look, line your lower eyes using a blue eyeliner for that pop of color. You can also pair the eyes with a two-tone nude lip look and some gloss. The look is simple and elegant but with the slightest hint of color underneath your eyes.

Classy Nude 

Simple yet chic is the toned-down nude makeup look. It is a bit different from the “no makeup” makeup look. Use a little nude metallic eyeshadow and darken the outer edges with a dark nude matte eyeshadow. For the lips, you can use nude or beige lipstick, or simply line your lips with a brown pencil and blend it in. Finishing it off with some lip gloss, you’ll be ready in no time.

There you have it, 10 of the best makeup looks for date-night you can try out for your next big date. It’s also important to know how to pick out the right lipstick shade for your skin tone before trying out any look.

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Beauty Basics 101 For Every Beauty Enthusiast Thu, 18 Feb 2021 21:55:10 +0000

beauty basics for beauty enthusiasts

Everyone is beautiful inside and out in their way. Beauty can be defined and expressed in so many ways, and we all certainly see beauty differently. However, for true beauty enthusiasts, there are some beauty basics we all should know.

Before starting your adventure in the world of beauty, you need to be made aware of the basics. Some of these are the holy grail of beauty, from must-have products to beauty routines, and just about everything in between.

These are some of the questions I wish I had answers to before haphazardly starting my beauty journey. Paying close attention to beauty basics can begin as early as your teen years and not necessarily waiting until your twenties or thirties. In case you didn’t know, your skin begins to degrade the minute you enter your twenties. For some, they’ve had skin issues since puberty hit, such as acne, blackheads, and so on.

These are some reasons why everyone should be aware of these basics as early as possible.

The Beauty Basics To Help You Begin Your Journey 

After trying out so many remedies, products, and routines all to no avail, we then realize we missed it from the beginning. We go through so many trials and error stages before we luckily stumble on one that works. It would have been nice to save time, energy, money, and your precious skin from all the stress? Only if you had someone who could provide you with answers and show you the way.

Well, it’s never too late to be informed. So, here are the beauty basics you need to know about:

You Are What You Eat 

The first step that is very much within our control, is our diet. You are exactly what you eat, and this is reflected by the appearance of your skin. Certain foods contribute to your prolonged breakouts, and a simple solution might just be to cut these meals out of your diet. If you have oily skin and you consume a lot of fried foods, greasy meals, and meals that require a lot of oil to prepare, then you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

Sugar, fizzy drinks, and foods that use preservatives are also harmful to your skin. This is what makes junk food bad for you on so many levels, and not just your skin, but your health too. You’re already wondering, “what then should we now eat?”

There are so many other meals that don’t hurt your skin such as greens and veggies. You’ve also probably heard beauticians say drinking lots of water does wonders as well. It clears your system from toxic waste and buildup. Carbs, proteins, and foods with natural fatty acids are also great for your skin.

So, before you begin any kind of routine, take a look at your diet first. The solution to some of your skin issues could just lie in a change or upgrade of your diet.

Being Kind To Your Skin 

Honestly, not many of us are kind to our skins. You’re wondering how you can be kind to your skin, right? To start with, you should stop touching your face every five seconds (also a subtle reminder to myself), especially when you are out. Even before the rise of COVID-19, a well-known secret was to limit how we touched our faces.

If you check it out, about 60% of your skin’s issues are caused by transferring germs from your hand to your face. It isn’t only limited to your hands, your clothing, bedsheets, pillowcase, your phone, and the many surfaces you place your face as contributing factors. How can you be kind to your skin? Here’s how;

  • Simply washing your beddings and clothing will go a very long way in saving your skin.
  • Avoid placing your phone and other devices so close to your face. Aside from the comfort, headsets and wireless headphones were made for a reason, so get yourself one.
  • Please do not place that beautiful face on any surface, either in your home or outside (worse of all).

Adopt A Skincare Routine 

At some point, you could get away with just doing the bare minimum for your skin. It is, however, not the case as you get older. Acts as simple as washing your face twice a day will help you clear your pores. It will reduce the oils produced and ensure you feel fresh.

Take it a step further and get an actual skincare routine. Depending on your skin type and needs, you need to find the right routine. The skincare routine for oily skin is different – albeit slightly, from the routine for combination, dry, and normal skin. Everyone and I mean everyone with great skin has a basic routine they (should) follow, even that aunty that tells you she doesn’t really do anything.

You need to be consistent, diligent, and patient with your chosen routine. Results will not be gotten overnight, so just keep on with it. However, if you notice that nothing changes, even after the stipulated period I should take to start seeing results, then you need to check a few things. You might need to try a new routine or change some of your products. The bottom line, you should start that skincare routine.

Invest In Your Skin 

They say no pain no gain, more like no spend no gain. You can’t expect to achieve the best results if you don’t spend the minimum amount on your skincare. There really isn’t any way around it, you just have to invest in your skincare. Some of these products don’t come cheap, not even the said natural skincare products.

Skincare products are a must at some point in your beauty journey, especially if you have a skincare routine. Try not to overload your skin with too many products at a time. If you have sensitive skin, you should stay clear of harsh products that strip your skin of its natural oils. Read labels for the ingredient combination, how to apply, and when to apply. Not all products can be used along with some others, as this may cause severe irritation.

Some basic products you’ll need and should not do without are sunscreen, moisturizer, cleanser, and exfoliant.

Get The Right Makeup Products 

Makeup products are one of the favorites of women. Who does like to glam up for that date night or that hang out with the girls? When shopping for makeup products, be sure to shop for authentic products. We don’t want your skin taking a few steps backward because of the wrong products.

If you are a minimalist, then all you need are the basic makeup products for your personal kit. For professionals, you’ll certainly be going all out with the kind and number of products you need.

In closing, you are only as beautiful as you feel. Love yourself, care for your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. These are some questions a lot of people wish they had answers to on time. Know what works for you because a pattern that works for someone else might not work in the same way for you.

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The Best Makeup Palettes Every Makeup Artists Needs Tue, 16 Feb 2021 21:20:04 +0000

the best makeup palettes

As a new upcoming makeup artist, getting as many makeup products as possible is your top priority. You want to deliver the best makeup looks, so you need all the necessary products. A great alternative is to get the best makeup palettes as opposed to singles.

But how many makeup palettes do makeup artists need to begin?

For starters, you need to get the basic makeup products to start with like foundations, concealers, eyeshadow, lipsticks, and so on. Getting singles of these products can be quite expensive, especially for a newbie or a pro on a tight budget. so, you need makeup palettes and not just any kind, but the best makeup palettes available.

Benefits of Makeup Palettes 

Makeup palettes are an ingenious creation in the makeup industry. There are quite some benefits attached to getting makeup palettes instead of singles. Here are some of the benefits to getting makeup palettes:

  • The best makeup palettes save costs as they are much cheaper when compared to the prices of single products.
  • You get all the shades you need in one place. Save yourself the time and stress of looking for a certain foundation shade and instead have everything in one place. It helps you look more organized and put together.
  • You get variety in one place. Most of the basic shades are found at your disposal in one place. Saves you some valuable time.
  • They help you compartmentalize and save space in your makeup kit. You can switch bags and not worry about forgetting a particular foundation shade or concealer behind.

These are just a few benefits of having makeup palettes in your kit.

The Best Makeup Palettes 

A number of makeup products come in palettes. Most of the products you find in palettes include foundation, concealer, lippies, eyeshadow, powder, blush, highlighting, and contouring kits.

Without any more delay, let’s find out the best makeup palettes you will need to begin your makeup journey.

Foundation Palettes 

  1. Zikel Cosmetics: The foundation palette has 12 shades to help you start your makeup journey. It can also double as a concealer, highlighter, and also used to contour.

Powder Palettes 

  1. Flawless Ivy Face Powder Set: The set comes with fifteen powder shades that also include some blushers and bronzers. It is an all-encompassing palette that is cost-effective.
  2. L.A. Girl palette: A popular choice among makeup artists, the L.A. Girl palette is one of the most durable powder palettes. It is affordable and retails for 2500 naira. It is a matte powder set that gives you full coverage and value for your money.
  3. Vee Beauty Powder Palette: As described by a vendor, this powder palette is a banger. Having nice beautiful powder shades, you can now finish off any makeup look with a mattifying touch. It is a bit expensive as it retails for 7000 naira.
  4. Zikel Face It Powder Palette: Zikel is a brand to be reckoned with, and their palette has gotten so many positive reviews from makeup artists. It comes in two different palette sizes, a small palette with 6 shades and a bigger palette with 12 shades. It is certainly a powder palette you want to have in your makeup kit.
  5. Zaron Powder Palette: Would this list be complete without an all-time best-seller brand. I’m sure we’ve heard of the Zaron brand somewhere, and if you didn’t know, they also have a powder palette to cater to all your makeup needs. You can ask your makeup retailer, or walk into any certified Zaron store to get yours.

The Best Concealer Palettes 

  1. Kleancolor liquid concealer palette: The Kleancolor concealer palette is one of the affordable brands on this list. It is a liquid concealer palette, and it gets the job of highlighting and contouring done. There are 10 shades for you to work with so you are not limited. The retail price is 2500.
  2. Ewaronke pro illusion concealer palette: The brand is one of the newer Nigerian-owned makeup brands. The illusion concealer does what it says, gives you the right illusions you need. The palette has 12 shades that go with any skin tone, and it retails for 6500 naira.
  3. Vee beauty worth the hype concealer palette: The Vee beauty brand constantly keeps it up by giving the best products, and this concealer palette is no exception. It has 12 shades, with color correctors to help you take care of more unique skin issues. Most people don’t know the importance of color correctors until they have dark circles that showing up under their makeup. With all these benefits in one, the palette retails for 6000 naira.
  4. The Ferraruchi concealer palette: Have you seen the size of this concealer palette? Now, this is what you call a compact palette that saves you space. Despite the size, there are 12 shades in the palette, one for every look. The palette goes for about 9000 naira.

The Best Lip Color Palettes 

We all know as women, we can’t have enough lipstick shades, lol. If you’re anything like me – a lipstick freak, it becomes very hard to decide on which shade to buy. The downside to having so many lipsticks is that the more you buy, the more space is taken up in your makeup kit. Thankfully, lip colors now come in palettes too. Here are some lippie palettes with just enough shades to curb your cravings.

  1. Just Gold Lip Palette: if you think no palette can give you a variety of shades, then you should check this palette out. There are 28 different lip colors to choose from, ranging from cute pastel colors to dark purples. There is also an application brush in the palette.
  2. L.A. Pride Matte Lipstick Palette: Get nude colors, some dark colors, and even a shade of blue in this lipstick palette. The best part is, it’s matte so you don’t have to worry about it smudging off 10 minutes after you apply it on. It is very affordable and retails for just 1500 naira.
  3. Imagic Lip Palette: The OG of the lipstick palette section has to go to this brand. There are different palettes with various combinations of lipstick colors that give a beautiful finish. It is a versatile palette as it can also be used for SFX if you are into this. It goes for 7000 naira, but it is very well worth the price.

The Best Highlighter Palette 

Your makeup isn’t complete without a little glow *in Cardi B’s voice. You need to have the best glow kits that are super pigmented and let your clients shine like the stars they are – you know, like render all their haters blind, lol. Well, here are some of the best glow kits.

  1. Aurora Febble Glow Kit: with six beautiful shimmery shades, there is surely one for every skin tone. It’s the right size, comes in a beautiful design, and very affordable, retailing for 2500 naira.
  2. Zaron Gold Crush Palette: The name already tells you all you need to know about this palette. It comes in three basic shades, light, medium, and dark. It is a beauty to behold and is even more beautiful when applied to the face.
  3. Flawless Ivy Glow Kit: As usual, the Flawless Ivy brand is doing the Lord’s work in terms of serving premium makeup products. This is that glow kit I talked about earlier, you know, the one that almost renders the haters blind. It’s super affordable and goes for 3000 naira.

The Best Eyeshadow Palette 

There are so many eyeshadow palettes out there. I will be running through a few but not going into details.

  1. The Vee Reloaded Eyeshadow palette
  2. Flawless Ivy palettes
  3. Juvia’s Place palettes
  4. Blossoms eyeshadow palette
  5. Morphe eyeshadow palettes 

The list of the best makeup palettes is by no means exhaustive. It just takes a bit of patience to surf through social media or the internet for these great palettes. You can also get these palettes at discounted prices following the tips on how to shop on a budget. Remember to read the terms and conditions on free or discounted makeup items.

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7 Tips On How To Buy Makeup Products On A Budget Mon, 15 Feb 2021 17:12:30 +0000

shopping for makeup products on a budget

Getting the best makeup products often comes at a pretty penny. You have to find alternatives or learn how to shop makeup products on a budget. These products are capped at a certain price because they provide great quality. However, there are times when we can’t afford these products, or we place ourselves on a tight budget for whatever reason. On these occasions, we wish we could get our favorite makeup products at cheaper prices.

Well, the good news is you can.

I will be sharing a few tips that will help you shop for the best brands at affordable prices.

Shopping Makeup Products On A Budget 

Shopping for makeup on a budget isn’t that difficult. You have probably tried one or two of these tips before without knowing, but here I will be providing you with more.

Tip 1. Make a list 

Always make a list of items you actually need, and a separate one for your wants. Be sure to mark them in order of priority so you know which should come first. Having a list will help you stay focused n getting the things you actually need so you don’t get carried away while shopping. It is common to get lost in the world of makeup products, especially when shopping online. A list will also help you estimate your budget.

Tip 2. Recycle empty makeup for a free gift 

Something interesting I found online while doing some research is that you can recycle old packaging of your makeup for a free gift. Yes, you stand a chance to get free makeup when you return the empty packaging of your used makeup products. A few makeup brands that offer such deals include MAC that has a program called Back to MAC. The program allows you to return six primary packaging containers to MAC counters and you get a free lipstick of your choosing. I’m sure we know how much a MAC lipstick costs, right?

Any form of packaging can be returned, e.g foundation bottles, powder pots, etc, but they have to be primary packaging. However, this does not cover packaging like cellophane wrappers, paper boxes, and the likes. This is a pretty cool idea, right? Well, now you are encouraged to recycle products used and also save the environment – a win-win situation.

There are other brands that offer such schemes, so if you have some spare time you can do some quick research.

Tip 3. Go for dupes 

As much as we would all love to get those high-end brands, we won’t always be able to afford them. Instead of opting for high-end brands, go for dupes of these products. Dupes are more affordable and still provide you with great quality. Do not be fooled because they are called dupes, they are just as good as these high-end brands. They can be called the more affordable version of high-end brands I listed a few high-end foundation brand dupes to help you get started.

Tip 4. Ask for free samples 

Most people don’t know this, but when you walk into any official brand store, you can ask for free samples of certain makeup items. If you are looking to try something new, just tell the attendant and ask for a free sample.  If the product you want to try is eligible and has a free sample then you are in luck. Note that not all products or brands offer free samples, but you lose nothing by asking.

Tip 5. Be a makeup product tester 

Another way to get free products not many people have considered is to be a product tester. It’s pretty easy and not so easy at the same time. Getting into a product testing program can be a bit tough. The lists are often kept short with stringent criteria, but you can try all the same. This is one of the great ways to get lots of free products. You will either be called into the facility to carry out these tests in a controlled environment or sent free products to your home.

Tip 6. Use promo codes and coupons 

A lot of brands offer coupons or promo codes at certain times. Always be on the lookout for when a brand or store offers a discount on items or gives out free coupons. You will be saving some cash and still buying those high-end brands you so love. Also, look out for promo codes from your favorite influencers on social media. A lot of brands partner with certain influencers and brand ambassadors online and give them customized promo codes for their followers – use them, you lose nothing, and stand to gain a lot more.

Tip 7. Search for discounts 

Oftentimes brands and platforms offer discounts on their products but we just might not notice. Well, now you’re encouraged to actively search out discounts – there’s no shame in that. There are almost always discounts available like first-time shopper discounts, student discounts, and so on. Do not be shy to search for and use these discounts, every penny saved is quite essential dear.

I can imagine some of you would be in awe right now. Like, “how could you not have known some of these tricks to help you save money on makeup products”? Well, it’s never too late and now you know. So, walk into any store or start your shopping online and begin to save those bucks and still get quality products.

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Color Correcting Concealers: How To, The Best, And All You Need To Know Thu, 11 Feb 2021 23:04:34 +0000 Imagine spending hours perfecting your makeup, only to realize that the dark circles under your eyes are still very much visible? It is beyond heartbreaking and can feel like a total waste of time. The simple antidote to this dilemma – color correcting concealers. I’m sure we all know the basic concealer we use to highlight and conceal blemishes, but how many of us know about color correcting concealers.

Asking how many people know how to use color correcting concealers or what the best is might be stretching it a bit. If you’ve suffered from redness, dark circles, and stubborn blemishes for quite some time with no effective solution, then you’re in luck because help is finally here.

What Is Color Correcting

Before we dive deep, you need to know what color correcting is, so let’s define it. Color correcting is a technique used by professional makeup artists by using colored concealer to cover certain problem areas on the face. Most of these issues can not be helped such as having redness (usually common to fair people) or obvious colored veins. Makeup artists have used this method for quite some years now until it broke into mainstream media, and we all found out what the secret was.

Color correcting concealers are not your average concealers, and as the name implies, they are colored. These different types of colored concealers correct different kinds of skin blemishes. Based on your skin tone and the nature of your skin issues, knowing how to color correct properly will save you the stress of an awkward situation.

There are times when your basic concealer will not be enough to cover the fact that you’ve barely had any sleep, this is where your color correcting concealer saves the day. note that the key phrase here is knowing how to color correct properly. If you don’t learn the how-to and you still go ahead to buy the products, it’s almost as good as wasting your money. Now, it’s time to learn how to color correct.

How To Use Color Correct Concealers Like A Pro

As a professional makeup artist, it is a must you learn how to color correct. Why I say “it’s a must” is because, being a professional makeup artists means you’ll work with different skin tones and types, all with unique blemishes and skin issues. Your job and the ultimate goal is to give your clients that flawless makeup look that will have heads rolling when they step into a room.

To begin, you need to understand that different color correctors and methods apply to different skin tones. That being said, it’s time to learn how to color correct for the different skin tones.

There are five basic color correcting concealers that all correct different problems.

For dark circles and shadows, color correctors in the peach family are perfect to conceal any trace of fatigue around your eyes and face. The most commonly used corrector is the orange or deep peach shade for dark skin, and a lighter shade (or you go easy on the orange) for fair skin. It will effectively cover up the bluish hue from the dark circles and get rid of dark shadows.

The green correcting concealer banishes all appearances of redness on your face. Green concealers are used because green is on the opposite end of red on the color wheel. If you have pimples, acne scars, and redness on your face, then you need to have this concealer handy.

Reviving a dull complexion can be quite the task, but the purple concealer helps with just that. It can also be used with yellowish skin tones in addition to combating dullness. Apply a purple concealer on areas with yellow spots on your face, or use a generous amount to breathe some life back into that dull skin tone.

Yellow color correctors are used to conceal eye circles, veins, and purplish bruises on the face. Generally, any blemish that has a purple undertone will be taken care of by a yellow concealer.

Finally, as mentioned before, the pink concealer belongs to the peach family used in concealing shadows and dark circles. It is used mostly on fair skin tone to cover-up dark circles and shadows under the eyes and around the face.

To make use of a color corrector, you simply need to apply it to the problem areas of your face after applying your moisturizer and primer. Be sure to blend it into the skin properly so it does not mix up or appear after you’ve applied foundation – that will be a very weird look.

The Best Color Correcting Concealer

One of the best and most famous color correctors is the L.A Pro concealers. The brand has a variety of other concealers that enables you to give that perfect makeup look that is blemish-free to your customers. What is also great about this brand is that they are also affordable retailing for about 1,500 naira. The brand also has concealers in other shades that help you contour and highlight your face.

There are other makeup brands that have concealers in a variety of shades. Just like everything else in makeup, it is crucial to pick out the right shade that suits your skin tone. If you will be needing it for your personal use, then don’t be afraid to ask an expert beautician for help on identifying the right shades for you.

Lastly, finish off your look with some bronzer, blush, or highlighter. These are all different, so it’s important to know the significant difference between all of these products.

Now, you see that you’ve been in need of a color correcting concealer all along. Find the nearest makeup store to grab yours for that flawless look.

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6 Best Beauty Products Worth The Splurge Tue, 09 Feb 2021 22:11:13 +0000

beauty products worth the splurge

We all love our beauty essentials, but some brands are more expensive than others. When shopping for beauty items, it is vital to know beauty products worth the splurge. To get the best out of your beauty products, you need to spend on some of these products. You should not try to take shortcuts by only going for cheap products every time, it will only end in tears.

The opportunity to experiment with beauty products won’t always be available, since we aren’t all made of money. The best option in situations like these is to be selective when shopping for beauty products. You will need to know the products worth the spend, based on your needs and the type of products.

With that much being said, here are the beauty products worth the splurge, along with those you should save on.

The Beauty Products Worth The Splurge 

These are the beauty products you should not compromise on. If you want the best, then be ready to spare some extra bucks. Let’s dive into the list of beauty products worth the splurge:

1. Moisturizer 

A good moisturizer is one of the essential products you must-have for an effective skincare routine. It is the holy grail for that flawless skin and a beauty staple we all should have in our skincare bag. Good moisturizers cost a pretty penny, but they are absolutely worth the money. Moisturizers hydrate and protect your skin from elements found in the environment. You need to understand that moisturizer stays on your face all day, and the ingredients are absorbed by your skin. Various moisturizer brands have a combination of different ingredients, and you should pick out one based on your skincare needs.

2. Foundation 

As we all should know by now, the foundation provides the base for your makeup. For this reason, you need to get a good foundation that is suited for your skin type and shade. You can’t afford to compromise on the quality of your foundation to achieve a flawless makeup look. If you still can’t afford the high-end brands but you still want quality, then here are five high-end foundation dupes that will give you quality for your money.

3. Concealers 

Concealers are another beauty essential that is worth the splurge. You definitely need a concealer for that full-face makeup look, or if you’re just looking to cover blemishes. Your concealer can also act as a foundation for days when you don’t want to use so many products. When shopping for concealers, you should pick out the right shade depending on what you want to use it for. If you will be using it to highlight, then go for a concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone.

However, if you will be using it as a substitute for your foundation, then you should go for a shade that is close to your skin tone or foundation shade since you won’t be using any foundation afterward.

4. Bronzers and Blush 

For that all-out makeup look, your bronzer and blush are needed. These are beauty items worth the splurge as having cheap or substandard products can leave you looking weird, literally. Most of these products come in powder form, and drugstore dupes of these items aren’t so common. If you use them every day, then they are worth the spend.

5. Powder 

High-end luxury powders are what every girl needs. These brands produced the best finely milled powders that are easy to blend and go perfectly well with any skin type. Dupes are great, and they save you money, but spending that extra on your powder is the best.

6. Lipstick 

The final beauty products worth the spend is your lipstick. Your lips are usually the last step to that beautiful makeup look, and you need to spend that money on quality lipstick brands. Since you will be using your lipstick almost every day, you need to stand out with your lipstick choices and go for only the best. 

Other beauty products are equally as important, but there are great and very affordable beauty brands out there that are just as good. You can save money on other beauty products like lip gloss, cleanser, and mascara.

I know sometimes we want to save on beauty items, given that a lot of these brands don’t come cheap. However, there are certain beauty products worth the splurge that provide the best quality. These products are essentials, and the money spent should be seen as a good investment. Buying the best products will save your skin from skin issues and also save you money in the long run. It’s best to save up for any product on this list that is very pricey, we wouldn’t want you running into debt.

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Shopping For The Best Makeup Brushes Sun, 07 Feb 2021 22:00:01 +0000 Shopping For The Best Makeup Brushes Read More »

shopping for the best makeup brushes

One of the things not talked about regularly is how to shop for the best makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are one of the vital parts of makeup that help you achieve a flawless makeup look. There are different types of brush sets that all perform seemingly the same function. But how do you go about finding the right brushes that are worth the price tag?

If you’re new to makeup, identifying the right set of brushes is not so easy. There are a few factors to put into consideration, like what the brush is made from, the kind of brushes in the set, and so on. As a beginner, you don’t need as many brushes, unlike a pro makeup artist who needs a vast number of brushes. Having the right set of brushes will help you perfect your makeup techniques, ensure smooth application of products, accuracy, and precision, amongst many other things.

There are brushes to accommodate every level, with a combination of well-curated kits to cater to all aspects of makeup from the eyes to the face, lips, and everything in between. There are also makeup brushes made for specific products like foundation, eyeshadow, and other things.

What To Look Out For In The Right Brushes 

There are so many brush sets from different brands out there. Not every brush is made from the best of materials, and other certain features make a brush or brush set the right buy. Knowing what to look out for before getting a makeup brush will save you money and the heartache of purchasing the wrong items.

  • The material of the brush: The type of material used to make a brush matters a lot as this can affect the application of makeup products, and also determine how long the brush(es) will last. There are synthetic brushes that are not the best and do not last very long. These types of brushes can be very hard on the skin and do not give an even application. Although they are cheap, they are not the best choice when seeking durable makeup brushes. The best kinds of brushes are those made from horse hairs. Some of these brushes are affordable while others are a bit more pricy. The bristles are soft, flexible, and gentle on the skin. These brushes are perfect for even makeup application and are what every makeup artist and even beginner needs.
  • Cut and shape of the bristles: If you buy makeup brushes that have rough edges, then that’s a sign of their quality albeit not a good one. Brushes should never be cut to shape them, rather they should be arranged and bound together with a string to form the shape. Brushes usually have different shapes, depending on what they are meant for. Most times, brush sets come with redundant brushes that you may not need as a beginner. Be sure to buy specific brushes you need or brush sets that have the basics.
  • Barrel and handle of the brush: Believe it or not, the barrel (where the bristles are joined to the handle) and the handle are very important. Brush handles should be covered in a few layers of lacquer to protect them from swelling during the humid weather. The ferrule should be made from nickel or copper preferably because these do not debt as easily as aluminum ferrule. Lastly, go for weighted brushes as they give you more precision and control while doing your makeup.

The Best Makeup Brushes and Brush Sets 

No matter what stage you’re at in your makeup game, there are brush sets perfectly suited for your level. I have the best makeup brushes for beginners, pros, and experts, affordable makeup brushes, and the overall best brush sets.

#1. Shany The Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set 

It is a brush set with 24 makeup brushes that take care of the lips, brows, face, eyes, and cheeks. It is a makeup brush set meant for makeup enthusiasts and professional makeup artists who want a variety of brushes. Not to worry, it comes in a roll-up pouch and a storage box for safekeeping.

#2. Real Techniques Everyday Essentials 

The Real Techniques Everyday Essentials is one of the most popular makeup brush sets amongst beauty lovers. There are four brushes and a beauty sponge to help you get that flawless finish. 

#3. Zoeva Screen Queen Complete Makeup Brush Set 

For a brush set that fulfills all your makeup needs in one bag, this is that set. The Zoeva Screen Queen set has a combination of nine eye brushes and six face brushes that takes care of everything makeup. The brush set comes in a beautiful pink design and a matching bag. 

#4. Artis Elite Makeup Brush Set 

The brand is known for the ergonomics construction of the brushes and their innovative Cosmefiber technology. It is one of the best brushes on the market with 10 brushes in the set. It can be used on a professional level for makeup but is most suited for personal use.

#5. Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set 

The Zoeva Rose Golden Complete set was made to help you achieve exact precision when applying your eyeshadow. The brushes have a combination of synthetic and natural bristles for accuracy. The Zoeva brush collections always come with a clutch for your brushes, and this is no exception. You get 12 pieces of different eye makeup brushes.

#6. Fenty Beauty Artistry Pro Complexion Essentials 

The Fenty Beauty brand is one of the top brands, and the Artistry Pro Complexion Essentials was designed for the best application of products. The brush set is a bit on the high side, but it is absolutely worth the splurge. 

#7. Sigma Beauty Basic Eye Brush Set 

If you need another eye brush set, the Sigma Beauty Basic is another great choice. You get the basics for your eyeshadow, brows, and eyeliner. These are quality makeup brushes designed for better application, better hold, and an overall better experience. 

Makeup brushes are just as vital as products. If you don’t have the day makeup brushes then you can’t possibly achieve a flawless and beautiful makeup look. Makeup brushes are more than essential, they are necessary for every makeup look. You also need to learn how to take care of your makeup brushes so they can serve you longer.

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