How to apply illuminator drops

Easy Steps On How To Apply Illuminator Drops

How to apply illuminator drops

While scrolling through your social media feed, you must have seen quite a few women with a certain unexplainable glow and you must have gone like “wow, what products did she use, or is it  her diet”. 

Yes, diet also matters, but most often than not it is probably due to the effect of an illuminator. It is worthy of note that an illuminator and a highlighter  are not the same thing. I’ve discussed all you need to know about illuminators and you can find out why you should probably get one. Sometimes you need that extra glow up when going out, for that photoshoot, or that big event. Illuminators don’t give that really sharp contrast that a highlighter does. Instead it gives a more subtle and natural glow.

So yeah, when you come across certain women or see them in pictures with a natural radiance, they are probably using an illuminator. Now you’re considering getting an illuminator yourself, right? But then again this is a new product and you’re wondering how exactly to make use of it. Not to worry, I’m here to help you with that. 

Using an illuminator is quite easy actually. Although, there are a few things to consider when opting for an illuminator. 

1. Choose the right illuminator shade 

Much like everything in makeup, illuminators come in shades too. So selecting the right shade that goes with your skin tone is the first step in the process. You don’t want to come off too brown with a much darker shade, or quite pale and with a terrible flashback using a shade that is too light for you.

If you have a dark skin tone, then go for bronze or golden illuminators. For lighter skin tones, go for pink or pearly illuminators. If you still aren’t sure which would suit you, then walk into any trusted makeup store and ask for assistance on identifying the right illuminator for your skin tone. This way you’ll also be able to make use of a sample for better results.

2. Select your preferred product 

Select the product you prefer and in what brand. Illuminators come in different formulas such as powder, cream, and liquid. However, in this poster I’ll be directing you in how to use liquids illuminator drops. There are also illuminator primers that give that lustrous base. If you have large pores, scars, or irregularities, you should apply a foundation first and then go in with a liquid illuminator instead.

How to Apply an Illuminator 

Now that we’d touched on some of the things to consider when going for an illuminator, let’s start on how to apply it. As I said before, it’s really pretty easy.

1. Illuminating primer 

It is very much like a normal primer but with a little extra glowy effect when applied. This is a good choice if you want that fresh natural glow while having minimal makeup on. It is applied after your moisturizer, right before you apply foundation. The glow won’t come through if you apply a heavy foundation or a concealer on your foundation. It is more suited for light coverage and if you have little to no blemishes on your skin which need heavy concealing.

2. Liquid illuminator 

You can apply your liquid illuminator alone on your skin without any other makeup product, mixed with your favourite moisturizer, or foundation. Illuminators can also be applied before foundation or on top of your foundation. Applying it before foundation gives a subtle and natural glow. It is soft yet obvious at the same time. This method is mostly ideal for everyday use, a formal event, and for editorial photoshoots. The other approach is to apply it on top of your foundation, right before you apply blush. This is more obvious but not harsh. Crack a smile to find the outline of your jaw and dab some product on to your cheekbones.

Finally, blend out with a brush to get rid of harsh lines. Apply it on other areas of your face asides your cheekbones, like your forehead, chin, Cupid’s bow, and the bridge of your nose. You can always go in with more product if you like and dab a little on other areas of your face, but remember to blend, blend, blend!

3 Add a powder illuminator for extra effect 

If you want that extra extra pop, or you’re going for a more dramatic look, then graphics your powder illuminator and sweep some over the areas where you applied the liquid illuminator. Remember to choose the right shade for a consistent look.

That was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Now you can look like one of the pros with a perfect soft glow that would leave people wondering what the secret is. You’re absolutely ready to slay on your next outing. 

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