how to do a smokey eye makeup look

How To Do An Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Look

How to do a smokey eye makeup look

A smokey eye makeup look represents a sense of power, and who doesn’t love to acquire or feel powerful? When it has to do with making a powerful statement with makeup, smokey eyes is the look you need to go for. Because this look is heavy, you can’t use it at every occasion, and not knowing the right method of applying it can lead to a less than glamorous look. There’s a thin line between pulling off a nice smokey eye look or looking like a zombie character from one of those horror movies, and this is blending, lots of blending.

Everyone wants to try out that smokey eye makeup look, so the question is “how do I achieve this look”? There are certain things to note when attempting this look.

Here is what you should know before trying out the look.

Always keep the dark shade at the lash line. This will make the look modern, fresh and neat. Make sure the eyes get the most attention than the full face makeup. 

Make it simple! Less is more. Blending is the major part of the makeup. So, get the right brushes as they are the best friends and most important tool to get the eyeshadow over your eyelids properly. Blending is a crucial step because a smokey eye makeup look is all about blending.

How to do a  smokey eye makeup look

1. Always start with an eye primer: To prevent your eyeshadow from turning out patchy, gently apply some primer over and under your eyes. It also ensures you are able to blend your eyeshadow properly and smoothly.

2. Eyeshadow: Apply a mid tone eyeshadow over your eyelid, using a small angled brush to apply the shadow along your lower lash line. You need to know that your smokey shade doesn’t have to be black. Instead, try colours like  gray, navy blue, shimmery brown, plum, or forest green.

3. Apply a liner : Now that your color is locked in, use a black eyeliner to define your eyes. Line your inner bottom lash line for a sultry effect. It’s time for some dark tone shadows over the liner, blend halfway up the lid and into the lid shadow. Apply along the lower lash line by softly pressing the brush on to the root of the lower lashes. Then smudge out with fingers for a smokier finish.

4. False lashes: You can go natural or use artificials. For a natural lash look, use a mascara, layering 2-3 coats for a full lash effect. You can also add a sparkle shadow with your finger to give it that real luxe finish. It’s great for smoothing out the lid and giving that blend through the crease of the eye.

Watch the YouTube tutorial below to learn how to do a smokey eye makeup look with ease.

You can watch this tutorial on how to achieve a smokey eye makeup look.

There is a difference between a minimal and full smokey eye look. For a full smokey eye makeup look, you can add some of these;

Use concealer: Dark circles always kill the sexiness of a smokey eye makeup look. If you want a perfect overall smokey look blend a creamy concealer around your under eye area. I prefer creamy concealers to liquids because of its thick consistency. 

Dust on some powder: After blending your concealer, you will need a translucent powder that matches your skin tone. Use a fluffy powder brush to apply the powder where you have applied your concealer. Wait for it to bake, then dust it off . You will thank me later.

Use your highlighting for that extra glow: You want your smokey eye look to have a pop of light. Blend a shimmery highlighter along your brow bone and the corner of your eye. Now they can see you.
Finish the rest of your makeup, add some lipstick- preferably a light shade, or some gloss. Don’t forget to seal it up with your setting spray, and you’re good to go. You can also read my last post on how to achieve a natural makeup look to balance out your smokey eye. You can swap out the neutral eye look for a smokey eye and keep the rest of the makeup simple and natural.

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