The fox eye makeup look

How To Do The Fox Eye Makeup Look

The fox eye makeup look

There is a new trend in the makeup world. It’s called the FOX EYE. Inspired by the fox animal but populated by Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid.

The trend has many similarities with the classic winged eye makeup, which has been generally accepted by the world. The fox eye look focuses on lifting and elongating the eye for an angular, snatched look.

How To Do the Fox Eye Look 

Choose the right eyeliner: The easiest way to achieve this look is by using a thin liquid eyeliner. The fox eye places a little more emphasis on the direction. So, while trying to complete the look, start by thinking of a regular winged eye just like in any cat-eye makeup look, but angling the wing slightly upwards. You can choose to use black eyeshadow powder for this as a final step in contouring your eyes.

For a more dramatic effect, use a black liquid liner. A thin wing and some tight-lining in the inner corner will elongate your eyes. As with other eyeliner trends, you will need to customize the width and angle of the wing, depending on the shape of your eyes. 

Soft gel and blur the eyeshadow: First, take an eyeshadow two times darker than your skin tone, work it into your crease to create depth and shadow. Then buff a brighter shade into the inner corner to open up the eyes. Now take a deeper shade and a flat angled brush to create the same wing effect outlined by the eyeliner.

Leave your eyes as is while you apply: Though you want to achieve a lifted tugging look, you don’t want to distort your eyeliner shape and ruin your eyeshadow. Instead of pulling your eye, use cotton buds to do a quick touch up.

Creating your brows: One key aspect of the fox eye makeup look is the straight, slanted eyebrow, which tilts upwards to your temples. If you prefer a more natural look, an eyebrow pencil, powder, or gel will do. But if you want it to look bold and healthy, you should pick up an eyebrow pomade and fill your brows as you would do your everyday makeup until you get to the arch, which we will take upwards instead of the regular download routine. Do not panic, even if it doesn’t suit your hair direction. Finish with full coverage concealer to cover excess hair.

Lashes: These are the finishing touches to any makeup look, and the fox eye look is not different. Since this look focuses on the eyes, your lashes need to look bomb as well.

              – For natural lashes: Swipe the mascara wand to the side and out to further elongated thin flick, and focus on combing outward and then upwards.

             – For artificial lash: Trim your lashes into half. Place the half lash on the outer corner leaving the inner corner completely bare.

Bronze it up: Though the fox eye makeup look mainly highlights your eyes and brows, you can go the extra step of contouring the rest of your face. Contour your cheeks to achieve the carved toned cheeks Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner show us. Not a fan of contouring? A light bronzer would do. Apply some on your cheeks and temples, then follow it up with a layer of translucent setting powder underneath. Don’t forget to apply some natural-looking blush and highlighter to make your skin for a brighter glow.

You can watch a tutorial on how to achieve this look here. It’s simple and easy.

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