How to Do Your Makeup for Pictures Effortlessly

how to do your makeup for pictures

Hey sister! Do you know how to do your makeup for pictures? I know you’re wondering what’s the difference between regular makeup and that for pictures. Well, you’re probably like ‘makeup is makeup’, right? I’m here to help you learn how to do your makeup for pictures effortlessly.

Have you ever created a look and expected it to appear the same in pictures, only for your makeup to appear overly done or not done quite right? It happens to even the best of us, especially when you don’t apply the right makeup needed for a photoshoot.

No need to stress, I’m here to help you unlearn and relearn. Below are some steps that will help you do your makeup effortlessly and achieve your desired look in pictures: 

#1. Use your primer: Like you and I know, every good makeup look starts with a basic primer. You need to apply some primer on certain points of your face either with your fingers, brush, or beauty sponge. It reduces the intensity of the makeup on your face. It also helps to reduce the appearance of sheen on areas like your t-zone.

#2. Use a matte foundation: In order not to have flashbacks when taking pictures due to the light, a matte foundation is preferable. Matte makeup products do not reflect light and are best for makeup looks. Also, make sure your foundation’s shade matches your skin tone.

#3. Use concealer: Now that you are done applying your foundation, the next step is to apply some concealer. We all know the importance of concealer and how it’s applied. The concealer helps to disguise eye bags or blemishes not fully covered by the foundation. It is also applied to the high points of your face for more illumination. The light reflects on these points making your face brighter in your pictures, but in a good kind of way.

#4. Use highlighter: For those perfectly lit pictures you may want to use a highlighter. It helps to light up your face a bit more, but you only need it when shooting in low-light conditions or during evening time. Dust some on high points of your face like your cheekbone, forehead, and jaw (if you wish).

#5. Use contour: You might not be a freak of contour but when it comes to a professional photoshoot, you need contouring like your life depends on it. Lol,  I’m only joking, it’s never that serious. Doing so for a shoot helps define your face even more. Get that snatched nose and those chiselled cheeks you want for the perfect picture.

#6. Use a bronzer or blush: They almost give the same effect for a look, but you can use one or both if you so wish. I always prefer a blush. Pick a blush colour that is slightly brighter than your normal shade, this will make your cheeks look healthy and rosy, adding some colour to your look.

#7. Eyeshadow and Eyebrows: Fill your brows with an eyebrow pencil or pomade, feathering out lightly until you achieve your desired intensity. Some people like it light while others like it dark and thick, whichever is fine. Apply concealer to your eyelid base to make it appear less sunken. Use a matte eyeshadow in order to look great on camera.

#8. Use a black eyeliner:  Eyeliner is very essential when it comes to a photo shoot, and this is because it outlines your eyes so they are noticeable. We recommend black eyeliner cause it tends to show more on camera.

#9. Use mascara or fake lashes: Use mascara if you have long lashes, this makes them appear in photos. But if your natural lashes are as short as mine, use fake lashes for that dramatic effect.

#10. Lipstick or gloss: You are never truly ready for a shoot without lipstick or some gloss. For lipstick, it is also recommended you use matte products either in your favourite bright shade or nude shades. You can add some lip gloss on your lipstick or wear it as is, as it will make your lips appear plumper in pictures.

Give your look that finishing touch with some setting spray, and voila you’re photoshoot ready!

I hope you found this article helpful. Let me know how you rocked that photoshoot. You can watch this video on how to do your makeup for beginners. Do subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tutorial videos. Also, read my previous post on BB creams if you don’t know much about them.

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