How to make your makeup last longer

How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

How to make your makeup last longer

We all love a long-lasting makeup look, but this isn’t the case sometimes. You have this outing, you call a makeup artist, or you give yourself a makeover, but your makeup begins to run halfway through your event. It can be a real disaster sometimes, right? The big question, “how can you make your makeup last longer?”

Now you’re wondering why your makeup keeps sliding off your face without staying through the day, or sometimes it looks patchy and broken? Well, there are a few reasons why your makeup does not last all day as you would want it to. Let’s make sure your next makeover is not just top notch but stays a whole day till you wipe it off.

What Makes Your Makeup Last?

Preparing your skin before the makeover 

The way you take care of your skin is the first and most necessary step you take to ensure a flawless makeover throughout the day. Here are a few guidelines for perfect skin.

Start by using a gentle cleanser to remove excess oil from your face that can interfere with the application of your makeup. Be sure to use a cleanser that doesn’t dry your skin, giving your skin an uneven texture. This is to make a clean, soft, smooth slate for your makeup products.

You need to exfoliate: If your skin is dry and patchy, you would need to exfoliate gently and naturally (meaning you don’t need to scrubs or use harsh cleansing brushes). Getting rid of built-up dead skin and flakiness will help your makeup last throughout the day leaving you looking flawless.

PS: You can use your exfoliant in your night skin routine to prepare your skin for the morning.

Use eye cream: This is to soften the appearance of fine lines and keep your eye area hydrated, smooth, and brightened. It allows your makeup to last on the eyes. A small amount of eye cream will do the job.

Use your primer: Primer helps to smooth, protect, and soften your skin. I recommend you invest in a primer that contains SPF because it also serves as protection for your skin from harsh UV rays. Avoid using too many products, depending on the occasion.

Use your setting spray: Just like primer setting spray works wonders. It’s not a must to use it daily because most makeup setting sprays are just like hairspray containing water and occasionally alcohol combined with ingredients that create a “seal” on the skin’s surface. They may help your makeup last a little longer, but their components tend to be problematic for skin over time. However, if you will be on makeup for most of the day, then why not.

Avoid touching your face: Some of us unknowingly touch our faces, uncountable times in a day, and that continually wears down our makeup. If you are the type of person always to touch your face, no amount of setting spray and primer will make your makeup last. It can also spread germs and increase acne. Also, avoid holding your phone against your face. A simple solution, TAKE YOUR HAND OFF YOUR FACE if you want your makeup to last a lot longer. 

Take a little more time: If you are the type who doesn’t allow products to dry off before applying others. You need this tip. Before you use foundation, make sure your skin products absorb on your skin for at least five minutes. Be it your moisturizer, toners, and the rest. Give each product a few minutes before moving on to the next one. It ensures that your skin absorbs your skincare products and allows your makeup product to sit nicely on your face. 

PS: Avoid moisturizer before makeup if you have oily skin, or go for water-based products.

Replace old makeup products: Are you still making use of the products you bought centuries ago? You need to replace them ASAP! This can be a significant factor as to why your makeup doesn’t last. Check all your makeup products and make sure none are expired.
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