how to pick the perfect red lipstick

How To Pick The Perfect Red Lipstick

how to pick the perfect red lipstick

The color red is a warm, flattering color. The perfect red lipstick when worn correctly, it can be empowering as it is bold and vibrant. The color red makes you stand out instantly in a crowd and draws all the attention your way. As exciting as the color red is, you still need to know how to pick the perfect red lipstick for your skin tone. 

“Red is energizing; it excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination”.  

Empowered by Colors

Be it as it may, the color red is a big fashion statement with so much difficulty to pull off whether it’s a dress, cosmetics, hair, or a fashion accessory, not all shades of red suit every skin tone. Wearing the wrong shades of red for your complexion will make your entire look off. Today I am talking about lipsticks, and I’ll be answering the question, “how do I pick the perfect red lipstick”?

The secret to finding the perfect red lipstick for your lip is to see the color that is the same as your skin undertone. It is sometimes tricky, but it can be achieved with a little help. You can try to identify the right shade yourself or have a beautician help you out. Whatever your choice, you’ll be equipped to pick out the ideal shade in no time.

How to use your skin tone as a guide

First, know that your skin tone is also known as your undertone but is different from your complexion. Here is how you can use this to pick the perfect shade of red for you:

The silver/Gold test: If silver complements your skin better than gold, you will have a calm skin tone. Gold looks better on warmer skin.

Vein test: The color of your veins is an excellent way to identify the right shade of lipstick for you. Believe it or not, we have different vein colors. Take a look at your veins in natural light and check for the following:

           ~ blue or purple veins is likely a cold skin

           ~ green or greenish-blue veins, they are likely to have warm skin.

            ~ if you can’t tell the difference, you have natural skin.

Pairing The Perfect Red Lipstick with Skin Tone

the perfect red lipstick

Warm skin tones sit well with warm red lipstick: light complexions, medium complexions (orange-based tones), dark golden complexion (yellow-based tones), and deep complexion. These tones of red sit well with warm red lip color shades such as golden, orange, fiery copper, and sunsets or coral.

Pair cool red lipsticks with cold skin: Fair complexion (pink base undertone), caramel complexion (yellow-red based undertone), and olive complexion ( yellow-green tone) are ideal with a relaxed red lip color shade like Raspberry, cherry, wine rose, burgundy, or crimson.

Another way is to choose a formula.  Use matte lipsticks for a less shimmer effect. Don’t use matte lipstick if you have dry, chapped lips. You can apply some balm on your lips if you have dry lips before wearing your favorite red lipstick, this helps to soften your lips and ensures that your lips don’t crack. The crevices of your lips are also less visible and your lips are moisturized. Choose a cream-based lipstick for a moisturized look because it’s perfect for dry lips. Use a gloss for a shiny, hydrated lip.

I hope this article answered your questions about choosing the perfect shade of red for your skin tone. Read my previous post on how to get rid of dark circles for that flawless makeup look.

If you feel like trying other lip Colorado out but are unsure, then watch the video for easy lip combinations.

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