how to shape your eyebrow

How To Shape Your Eyebrows Effortlessly

how to shape your eyebrows

Are you struggling with your brows, or are you finding it challenging to keep it clean when creating the perfect arch? I am here to teach you the right methods and techniques to shape your eyebrows. Whether you have natural wild bushy brows or you are the type to over-pluck your eyebrows, it doesn’t matter at all when creating perfectly shaped and well-groomed brows. In this post, I will teach you how to make the most flattering appearance on your face.

Like the famous saying goes, “to each his own,” which also goes for eyebrow shapes. Every face shape has a unique eyebrow shape. Before I continue, let us first learn about the different brow shapes and pair them to your face shape.

The different eyebrow shapes

So, you want to shape your eyebrows by removing the excess hair around it? Have you decided on the particular shape you want your eyebrows to take, or are you still pondering?  One of the essential tips for creating perfect eyebrows is knowing your eyebrows’ shape (final form) before starting. Below are a few of the common brow shapes






What Eyebrow Shape Fits your face shape?

It’s always advisable to follow your natural eyebrow shape to achieve the perfect look. But you also need to put into consideration your face type. What suits an oval face will never fit a square face or a round face.

Oval face: This face shape can go with any eyebrow shape and still look peng, but trying an overly arched or overly straight shape will be a no-no.

Square face: Soft angled and smooth eyebrows will do the magic for this face shape, keeping it balanced.

Round face: You can also try out all the eyebrow shapes but ensure that they are never too thin or too thick if you want it perfect. 

Long face: When creating your eyebrows, make sure it’s not too long or arched but has a bit of thickness.

How to shape your eyebrows

So let’s get down to the business of the day, but you need to have the right set of tools before that.

Tools: Below are the tools you’d need when shaping your eyebrows. 

Slanted tweezers

Spoolie or eyebrow comb

Eyebrow scissors 

Eyebrow razor 

Eyebrow stencils 

Your makeup 

Now, shaping your brows.

Brush it up: Start by using your spoolie or an eyebrow comb to brush your eyebrows. This will show you if there are any super-long hairs or any holes that may be brow hairs covering up when in place.

Take out extra hair: Place your spoolie on the one hand, then, with the other hand, hold your scissors. When you use your spoolie on your brows, it pulls up the extra hairs, this will make it easy to see the long ones, and you can cut it out immediately without risk of over sniping yourself. You will probably only trim a few hairs– only the ones that are not cooperating, lol. 

Extra tip: If you are trying this out as a beginner, a bit of nervousness is expected to save you from cutting off your flesh or trimming all your brow hairs and looking bald. Run a little bit of gel through your eyebrows and form the shape you want. This is an easy way to identify exactly what to trim. Then wipe it off again for the next step.

Take off strays using your tweezers: You see those tweezers, yes the one you are holding, it’s all you need to figure out where your brow should start, arch, and end. Pinch it together and make a straight line that will help you know the perimeter of your brows. After that, you can then remove the uncooperative hair. Hold your tweezers flush against the bridge of your nose. The vertical line shows where the head of your brow should start. But don’t go tweezing every sprout that is hanging. All you need might be your scissors again for trimming. 

Other ways to shape your eyebrows.




IMPORTANT NOTE: The above methods are for professionals only, and I will elaborate more about them in another post.

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