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Is Beauty Influencing a Thing?

is beauty influencing a thing?

Like my mum, some of you have wondered if beauty influencing is really a thing. Have you noticed that most accounts on social media with large followers add “influencers” in their bio? The other day my mum asked me what on earth was the word influencer doing on people’s bio and the meaning. Explaining to her was quite hectic, but it was the only way I could get her mind off thinking it’s an occultic group or just a slang.

So, before I answer the question, if beauty influencing was a thing, let me, first of all, define the word influencers. What is an influencer? An influencer is someone with some authority who can affect others’ sales decisions in a particular niche or industry. An influencer is an everyday person on Instagram or other social media platforms, which has to earn a large follower base because of his/her dedication and expertise.

Who is a beauty influencer?

There is no specific definition of who or what a beauty influencer is. But we can say they are ordinary/everyday people who know many beauty products ranging from skincare, haircare, makeup, and otherwise, and they have thousands to hundreds of thousands of loyal audiences.

Most beauty influencers are amateurs who really love makeup and beauty and have built up a huge following of interested fans. They can be doctors, lawyers, full-time housewives, students, celebrities, and so on. While some are professional makeup artists who create tutorials, share tips and tricks, content on their YouTube channels or Instagram feeds.

Most successful beauty influencers have the following traits:






Is Beauty influencing a thing?

A million and one yeses. Every day, the beauty industry keeps growing, and with this, it becomes more competitive. Bringing your products to the frontline through digital marketing can be quite tasking. But with beauty influencing, these influencers provide the best, efficient, easy but professional solution you can rest assured will guarantee you conversion and that your beauty brand will get to your targeted audience.

Beauty influencers will create authentic and engaging contents and share with their loyal fans/followers who will, in turn, patronize you because someone they follow and trust makes use of your products. This content will also put your brand name in front of thousands and hundreds of thousands of clients.

We have all been influenced by someone one way or another, which is also seen in our online shopping experience. You find yourself being compelled to buy things because of the endorsement of a certain personality. That is influencing at its best.

Word of mouth is one of the most efficient ways of promoting sales, and people patronize who they trust over unfamiliar brands. Their audience trusts beauty influencers because they see them as friends. I suggest you hire the services of a well known and reputable beauty influencer to take your brand and business name to the next level. Give your business the much-needed exposure.

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