makeup looks for date-night

The 10 Best Makeup Looks For Date-Night

 Who doesn’t love to glam up for date-night? I know I do. Date-night is that time to take your makeup game a step higher. On most days, we’re used to doing the basics for our everyday makeup look. However, for date-night, you have to bring your A-game. You can get all the best makeup looks for date-night at your fingertips.

It’s been a while since we were able to glam up for any outing, but now we can – while still following protocol. There are bold looks, toned down looks, nudes, a bit of blue, shimmery looks, and just about every look to try out, whether you’re a minimalist or not. Whether you choose to get a makeup artist for the occasion or try something new yourself, there is a look to inspire you.

Makeup Looks For Date-night Gallery 

If you’re getting ready for a romantic date-night or just a casual date, then you’re in the right place. Get the best inspiration here, with pictures too.

Glittered Nude 

Glitters can be a bit overwhelming, especially for a night out, but when done right, it is simply gorgeous. Adding glitters to a neutral look, like in the picture below gives that standout effect without being too much. You can either use glitters or shimmery eyeshadow in that shade, but just a little will do.

Cut Crease 

A cut crease look is definitely something to try out. It makes your eye makeup more defined and draws attention to your eyes. You can go for a light shade to cut the crease just like in the picture, or go for something more your style. 

Glossy Nude with Full Lashes 

Yes, you can get yourself that full faux lashes for that date. Pair your full lashes with nude lips if you want to be bold without going over the top.

Bold Liner With A Pastel Shade 

The contrast between the dark liner and the pink eyeshadow is what makes this look special. What makes this so obvious and beautiful is the fact that the lower waterline is lined. You can try this look in this shade for that classy put-together look, or go for a similar eyeshadow shade you know will give the same effect.

Sexy Red Lips 

I’m sure we all know that red is tat signature bold color you need to stand out in any crowd. You can pair your red lips with neutral eyes or subtle eyeshadow shade so all the attention remains on the lips. If you want to bring your sexy on, then red lips are the way to go.

makeup looks for date night

Blue Smokey Eye 

Pull out your blue metallic eyeshadow for that sultry smokey eye look. It’s bold yet sophisticate at the same time. You can’t g wrong with a blue smokey eye look because it is just perfect for a date-night.

Pastel With Gold Inner Corners 

Go the extra mile by slightly matching your lipstick shade with your eyeshadow shade. Top the eye look with some gold shimmery eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eyes to give that glam effect. The gold eyeshadow at the inner corners of the eyes makes your eyes the focal point of attention. Add a little lip gloss and you’re good to go.

“No Makeup” Makeup Look + Winged Liner 

It’s fine if you’re not so much of an adventurer with your makeup looks. No need for all the “serenren” as most of us would say. You can play it safe with the “no makeup” makeup look and add a winged liner as your little show of rebellion. It’s perfect because it’s simple, quick, and easy to do. Plus, it can be achieved on any skin tone, so no worries about whether or not it will suit you.

Blue Lower Liner + Two-Toned Nude Lips 

For another safe neutral look, line your lower eyes using a blue eyeliner for that pop of color. You can also pair the eyes with a two-tone nude lip look and some gloss. The look is simple and elegant but with the slightest hint of color underneath your eyes.

Classy Nude 

Simple yet chic is the toned-down nude makeup look. It is a bit different from the “no makeup” makeup look. Use a little nude metallic eyeshadow and darken the outer edges with a dark nude matte eyeshadow. For the lips, you can use nude or beige lipstick, or simply line your lips with a brown pencil and blend it in. Finishing it off with some lip gloss, you’ll be ready in no time.

There you have it, 10 of the best makeup looks for date-night you can try out for your next big date. It’s also important to know how to pick out the right lipstick shade for your skin tone before trying out any look.

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