makeup routine for combination skin

The 7 Steps Makeup Routine For Combination Skin That Is Simple And Easy

makeup routine for combination skin

The relationship with the combination skin type has been defined as “complicated” in most places. Yes, it can really be frustrating having combination skin because you have to tackle two problems in one. What exactly defines combination skin? is there a special makeup routine for combination skin? If some parts of your face feel dry, while the other parts are oily, mainly your T-zone (your forehead, nose, and chin), you have combination skin. There is a lot to think about, from a skincare routine to a makeup routine for combination skin.

So what is the right makeup routine for a combination skin type? You’re about to find out below.

Makeup Routine For Combination Skin 

You might have been going with the flow or just adopted one routine altogether. You might have even invested in multiple skincare and makeup products for your skin, which isn’t the best choice. Here, you will get quality makeup tips for your combination skin type.

So, here is the makeup routine for combination skin that will have you leaving your home full of confidence.

#1. Cleanse First, Always 

The first thing to do before applying any makeup to your face is to cleanse your skin. It helps ensure that your skin is smooth and hydrated. It also gets rid of dead skin cells and oils on certain areas of your face. Start with a gentle cleansing option like micellar water, wet a cotton pad, and gently wipe across your face. It is advised to take your skincare routine a step further y scrubbing every other day with a face scrub. It will help unclog your pores and break down any build-up of dirt, residual makeup products, and impurities from the environment. These steps will cater to most of your skincare concerns. Here is why a skincare routine before makeup is very crucial.

#2. Hydrate With Moisturizer 

Grab a moisturizer that is lightweight for that hydrated glow. Apply a reasonable amount to your face, and do not forget your neck too. 

#3. Build A Smooth Base With Primer 

Put some primer on your face after moisturizing, which helps create a smooth base, hides pore and fine lines, and gives a matte finish. Apply in little dots, and massage in a circular motion on the important areas of your face. 

#4. Use A Medium Coverage Foundation 

For combination skin, it is crucial to fo for a lightweight foundation that has medium coverage. A medium-coverage foundation is buildable, which means you can build it up on different parts of your face as you continue your makeup. You can always add some more products on any part of your face you feel need a little extra foundation.

#5. Contour 

It is important to draw attention to the best parts of your face. Accentuate certain features and let most of the attention be on certain parts of your face. Pick a concealer two shades darker to contour and another that is two shades lighter to highlight. Make sure your face is well defined by applying the darker shade to your cheeks’ hollow for a chiseled look. The apply the lighter shade under your eyes, forehead, and chin for that highlight. Now that’s what we call a model look.

#6. Accentuate Wit Blush And Highlighter 

Go a bit heavy with the highlighter, but make sure to blend it in well. Then apply some blush to add some radiance to your complexion.

#7. Finish Up With The Eyes And Lips 

Finish your look with some dazzling eye makeup and any lipstick shade of your choice. You can also go for a glossy look by adding some lip gloss for a natural look. Don’t forget to top it all up with some setting spray. It brings the entire look together and also prevents your makeup from running. 

The most important thing you need to not is the formula of the products you will be using. If you feel overly dry, sometimes you can get a dewy foundation, or better still, get a matte finish foundation along with your dewy foundation and mix them up whenever you want to start your makeup. Do not be so heavy on the powder either, especially on the dry parts of your face, as it can feel very stiff and cake up. You can have a nice mix of makeup products to create that balance for your face.

Ther you have it. A simple makeup routine for combination skin will have you staring at our reflection in the mirror, like damn! Share and comment down below if you found this article helpful. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more beauty-related content.

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