makeup tips for dry skin

Top 7 Makeup Tips For Dry Skin


makeup tips for dry skin

Having dry skin does not have to be that big of an issue. Every skin type is unique and has its benefits as well. Applying makeup on dry skin is not like the regular everyday makeup routine. There are steps to take before and during your makeup application to prevent drying out your skin further. I will be sharing some makeup tips for dry skin to help you combat this problem.

Also, the products you make use of can affects the outcome of your makeup. By mastering the right makeup routine, you can avoid dry patches and flakey skin altogether. With these makeup tips for dry skin, you will become a pro at applying makeup – well, maybe not the exact pro standard, but you get.

Pro tip: A makeup routine also helps you save time. You spend a little less time applying your makeup because you will be familiar with the steps involved.

Top Makeup Tips For Dry Skin 

#1. Cleanse Your Skin

First things first, cleanse your skin correctly. Make use of a face scrub to peel off all dead skin cells. You can make use of a physical or chemical exfoliant. The build-up of dead skin cells can prevent your makeup from going on smoothly.

#2. Use A Moisturizer With SPF 

You should never skip this step when applying your makeup. This is an essential step, especially for dry skin. Moisturizers help to replenish the lost moisture in your skin, making it soft and supple. This makes it easy for you to apply your makeup without struggling with your skin or your applicator. Dry skin needs all the extra hydration it can get, as it is crucial for your skin’s health and flawless makeup. Double up on the protection by topping it up with SPF. It is preferable to select a moisturizer that is already formulated with SPF to avoid layering too many products on your skin.

#3. Use A Primer 

Some of you may think that primer is a no-no for dry skin. Well, that isn’t entirely true because a primer does so much more than what you think. Applying a primer ensures your makeup slides on smoothly without any hassle. It also ensures that your makeup stays intact all day long. Use a hydrating primer to ensure your skin is adequately hydrated. 

#4. Get A Foundation For Dry Skin 

For foundations, get products with a liquid formula specially made for dry skin. Avoid mattifying foundations at all costs, as they will make the patchiness on your face more visible. Go for a foundation that gives a dewy finish for that supple and radiant glow. 

#5. Avoid Setting/Baking 

I know this may sound absorb, but the process of baking or setting involves the application of a lot of powder. The effect of this is a cakey makeup look that is equally uncomfortable and can make your face feel stiff. Also, use a creamy blush instead of powder blush to cut down on the number of powder products on your skin. The same also goes for bronzers as well. 

#6. Steer Clear Off Matte Lipsticks 

The easiest thing to get is chapped and flakey lips if they, too, aren’t adequately hydrated. Your skin isn’t the only thing at risk of being too dry; your lips also may experience the same condition. Matte lipsticks are lovely as they also last longer, but it is better to opt for creamy lipsticks for dry skin. If you must use a matte lipstick, you should also have a lip care routine that involves exfoliating with a lip scrub and keeping your lips hydrated with a lip mask. Don’t forget to also apply a little balm before slathering on your favorite matte lipstick. 

#7. Finish Off With A Hydrating Face Mist 

Spray on some face mist when you are done with your makeup and keep it handy so you can spritz some on whenever your skin needs a boost during the day. Shop for any mist with your favorite ingredients and spray away whenever your skin feels dry.

I hope you learned something new today from these makeup tips for dry skin. If you need a good laugh, you can read my last post on my Trivia Monday, where I asked men to identify some everyday makeup tools – trust me; it was hilarious. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more beauty-related content.

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