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Trivia Monday; Common Makeup Tools Men Were Asked To Identify, And Their Hilarious responses

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Today, I’m going to show you some makeup tools that a lot of you don’t know about. Sadly, those who know about them do not know what they are professionally used for. So, on Sunday I ran a poll on my WhatsApp status and I will be sharing the HILARIOUS results I got with you as I progress in this post.

Makeup Tools

  1. Eyelash Curler
makeup tools

I had a great laugh reading the comments on what THE MEN on my timeline thought this was. It’s not a surgical tool, and NO my dear John, it is not used to “trim the eyelashes”. I’m not even surprised ladies do not know what this makeup tool is. Lash curlers are hardly used in Nigeria because we naturally do not have very long lashes.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing false lashes and are blessed with naturally long lashes, then you NEED this tool. Want to know more? Check this page out

At this point I should give a shout out to those who got it, Gbemi Olujuyigbe and Tayo!

I’m still suspicious of them though, but I was really impressed they got it. Another article you can check out is how to use a lash curler.

2. Spoolie Brush:

Yes, you can also call it a mascara wand. But the professional name is SPOOLIE. It’s used to brush your brow hairs, and it is a very important tool when trying to get peng brows. The other alternative is a toothbrush… but we both know that’s not professional, yeah?

I’m going to forgive SEUN Fasogbon for calling it a “lash brush”. More shocking was the fact that Muhammad called it an eyeliner . Howww!?

3. Eyelash Tweezer:

Our tech bro, Mr. Joshua, referred to this as a “pincer”. Seun called it a “lash balancer”, and there were so many people saying several other things about it. The majority of guys also said it looks like a surgical tool.

This is used to place the false lashes firmly on the eyelid. Some people prefer using their fingers, while others use the eyelash tweezers. Me? I use both my fingers and the eyelash tweezers.

Those are the answers to the mini Trivia.

Please, let’s not make these mistakes again.

The other tool was a beauty blender.

And it’s used to apply makeup products– mainly foundation and concealers on the skin.

I won’t forget the blush trivia, I’m just going to share a few more screenshots for you to look at.

The summary of this article is that Men do not really know about these makeup tools. They are mostly clueless. Do makeup and slay for yourself, QUEENS! These men don’t even know what a beauty blender is!

My friend Emmanuel Faith called it a “primer”. I’m still laughing about this.

My next article might be on vendors that you can patronize to get Original Makeup products in Nigeria at the best prices! Do you want to see that? If yes, please drop a comment below. Don’t forget to catch up on my last post, where I shared tips on how to identify the right lipstick shade for you. Do subscribe to my YouTube channel for more beauty-related content.

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  1. You have sha casted me openly bayi, on top all my bragging that I know makeup, God knows your house address oooo

    Thanks for writing dear

  2. Now that I think about it, I have seen and hers about “Tweezer” before, I probably didn’t pay attention, it is not HR, you know?

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  5. Though I didn’t know all the answers, I just keep my laughter to myself after reading all those answers. The confidence lasan πŸ˜‚ is not from here.

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