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Why A Skincare Routine Before Makeup is Important

Importance of a skincare routine before makeup

An artist can’t work on a rough canvas because the brush will not glide on smoothly (except that is the concept). Imagine if the greats like Piccaso made their best works of art on the roughest of surfaces. Do you still think it would be considered a work of art? This is what a skincare routine before makeup is all about, smoothening the canvas that is your skin.

Maybe, or maybe not.

The same rules apply to the art of makeup. You can’t get the best makeup outcome if your skin is in a bad state. Let’s face it, we have just this one skin, and we won’t always be on makeup at all hours of the day, this is where a skincare routine before makeup comes in handy.

The benefits of healthy good looking skin go far beyond makeup. Your skin lasts for your lifetime while makeup stays on for a few hours. That should give us something to consider. So, why should you have a skincare routine?

Benefits of A Skincare Routine Before Makeup 

We all love having that flawless look, especially for that special occasion you’re about to have. You will want your makeup to last longer and go on effortlessly, but sadly this will not happen if you don’t take care of your skin. Here is why you need a skincare routine before makeup application.

  1. Confidence boost

Having great looking skin gives you a real confidence boost. You can go out with little or no makeup on, and you feel better in your natural skin. When you pay more attention to your skin, it rewards you with a long-lasting and beautiful glow. Start getting those skincare products and researching the best routine for you

  1. You’ll use fewer makeup products. 

Being consistent with your skincare routine means better-looking skin in the long run. When your skin is better, you will only need fewer makeup products. You will have fewer skin issues and little or no blemishes to conceal. This means fewer makeup products and naturally glowing skin. Investing in skincare is better in the long run and saves you some spare change when shopping for makeup products.

  1. Long-lasting Makeup 

One of the secrets to long-lasting makeup is having clean and clear skin. When your skin is dry and stripped of its natural oils, it produces more oils, which lead to running makeup. Oil build-up and clogged pore can cause textured skin, which looks worse when you apply makeup. These skin issues prevent your makeup products from going on your skin smoothly and staying on all day. Properly moisturizing and hydrating your skin will reduce excess oil production and build-up. It will also ensure your face feels fresh and not dry, preventing your makeup from cracking.

  1. Flawless Makeup 

Smooth skin equals flawless makeup, and to get this, you need a skincare routine before makeup. A soft and smooth skin ensures that you apply products effortlessly with your makeup tools. You get to use the right shade of products for your skin, and pigments appear more transparent and brighter too. You get an even skin tone also, even after applying your makeup and radiant-looking skin.

Now, you see why a skincare routine before makeup is essential for that perfect makeup look. For the most part, you can begin that skincare routine ahead of your big day to get the best makeup look. Often, brides are given a skincare routine months ahead of their big day, which is good. It really is that easy, and the results are worth the investment.

Adopt a skincare routine today, and let us know the outcome. You can read my last post on wrinkles and how to get rid of them. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more beauty and lifestyle-related content.

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