stobing 101

Strobing 101: What the makeup technique is all about

strobing 101: the new makeup technique

Put a finger up if you ever thought strobing meant highlighting. Put a finger up if you’ve never heard the word but just stumbled on it from this site. A few months ago, I was still only used to highlighting and when I finally heard of strobing, I argued with myself that there was no difference. After a while I asked a few of my friends who are professionals in the makeup industry and they not only defined STROBING, they tutored me on how to be a pro myself. Oh yes, now I can tell you what strobing is and the difference between strobing and highlighting. 

What is strobing? 

For starters, strobing can be defined as an ‘extreme glow’. Strobing is the technique of using a shimmering shade of highlight to accentuate features, making the face contoured without defining the features of one’s face. This simple technique involves illuminating strategic spots on your face which will give your skin a bright and healthy glow.

It also mimics being under bright light but this time it’s like being lit up from within. When creating this look, you don’t need bronzers or any dark powder, you only need light. In the end, your face is supposed to be dewy and fresh. Anything more and it will be in excess and harsh. Strobing is all about creating a soft radiant glow, so avoid harsh shimmer or glitters that chunk up.

How to strobe

To Learn how to strobe perfectly like a pro, follow the steps listed below to achieve the look.

Step 1 :

As we know every look begins with clean and clear skin. To achieve this, apply the appropriate amount of moisturizer on essential areas. 

Step 2 :

Apply a mixture of the liquid illuminator and your foundation on your face. This gives your face the appropriate brightness that it requires for this look. 

Step 3 :

Apply illuminator using your fingers everywhere you have applied your concealer, except the under-eye area.

Step 4 :

Apply a small amount of translucent powder under your eyes and the sides of your nose using a brush. This will help reduce the shimmer

Step 5 : 

Knowing the look you are trying to create, you must use products that match the description. Since the look is extreme glow, after using a liquid illuminator it’s only appropriate you choose the powder product that matches it. This will magnify the colour and brightness of the products. Make use of a brush.

Step 6: 

Apply any blush of your choice to give your cheeks a touch of colour.

To finish the look, add cream illuminator in little quantity to the centre of your lips whether you’re wearing lipstick or not.

Now let’s know the difference.

Highlighting vs strobing 

Highlighting:  Always paired with  contouring 

Strobing: Strictly highlighting alone

The fact is how you wear your highlights determines whether you are strobing or simply highlighting and that is the major and only difference. The technique is not so hard to perfect, and a few tries are all it takes to know how to strobe like a pro In no time. Remember practice makes perfect, so practice as much as you can to get it right.

Now you know what strobing is and how to strobe in one post, you just killed two birds with a stone. You are well on your way to slaying effortlessly. So, put your best dress with your best foot forward and step out in style.

You can also learn how to do your makeup for pictures effortlessly. This technique will surely come in handy. Also, check out my YouTube channel, The Rheevo, for more makeup tips and tricks.

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