taking acre of your makeup brushes

Taking Care of Your Makeup Brushes

taking care of your makeup brushes

There can be no stunning makeover without some essential tools, and these are your makeup brushes, beauty blenders, and so on. Different people work with other tools, not only the makeup brush. Whatever rocks your boat is fine, but I’ll be talking about makeup brushes in this post.

Makeup brushes are part of your daily makeup routine. Without makeup brushes, applying makeup is somewhat of a challenge. A great set of makeup brushes will give you a soft, even finish to help your skin glow effortlessly. But when last did you wash your makeup brushes? You don’t remember, isn’t it? It is easy to keep using your makeup brushes all week, or even month-long, but you hardly remember to clean them.

It would be best if you often washed your makeup tools to prevent dead skin cells, bacteria,  dirt, dust, and things that can accumulate on the end of makeup brushes. If you are a professional makeup artist, you already know that you should clean your brushes as often as possible and understand this act.

However, if your brushes are for your personal use only, then there may be a leeway for you. Nonetheless, you need to clean them at least once a week or two.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Constant use and contact with your skin make your makeup brushes get dirty pretty quickly, and no matter how conscious you are about keeping your skin clean, it still contains bacteria.

Therefore the deep spaces between the brush bristles become clogged with these bacteria and residue of makeup products. Also, where you store your brushes matters. If they are in a cup or brush holder, it is easy for dust to settle on them, even if you use them every day. Sealed bags or brush pouches can promote the growth of molds and bacteria on your brushes. So, you see why you need to clean them regularly.

If your brushes are for personal use, you should clean it twice a week, but if you have skin problems, like breakout, cuts, or eye infections. You should clean it every day. 

NOTE: The more often you change makeup colors, the more often you should clean your makeup brushes.

You should regularly wash some of your brushes like your eyeliner brushes, blush brushes, and lip brushes. Use brush cleansers, spray small quantities on the brush bristles, use a thick tissue or kitchen roll. You can check out the Bebe essentials brush cleanser. Swish the brush back and forth gently on the tissue or kitchen towel. Hang your makeup brushes on the edge of the table to fast dry. 

Soap and water are also a great way to get your brushes cleaned—wey brushes in lukewarm water for five minutes. Add a drop of your desired cleanser to your palm, and massage the bristles on your palm. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze with a towel to take off excess moisture—reform bristles to the original shape. Hang your brushes over the table edge to fast dry. Use a drying rack or try the folded towel method of drying.

Another great way to clean your brushes is with a makeup brush cleaner. Speaking of brush cleaners, let me introduce to you Queek by Rheevo. It is a great product that gets rid of dirt, germs, and sanitizes your brushes The product is available and you can pre-order yours now at an amazing price.

Queek makeup brush cleaners

If you are a makeup artist or makeup enthusiast, you definitely need this product. You don’t need to rinse your brushes after using the products and it dries fast too. It is the perfect fix if you can’t wash your brushes every other day or every week.

Queek makeup brush cleaner

Never stick all of your brushes into a cup and call it a day. It isn’t adequate to prevent germs and preserve their shape. Always allow 6 hours to overnight for the brushes to dry completely. Never rush and put your makeup brushes into a makeup bag or carrying case. Wet brushes can develop mold and bacterial growth.

You’ll know your brushes are completely dry and ready for their next use when they feel totally moisture free and smooth. They may even look slightly fluffy from their cleaning, conditioning, and drying routine.
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