the best illuminators

5 Of The Best Illuminators Out There

the best illuminators out there

A natural radiant glow is truly enviable, but most times we don’t have the time, energy, or resources to put the work in for a natural inner glow. Thankfully, there are hacks and easier ways of getting your glow on – finding the best illuminators.

It isn’t the classic case of fake it till you make it kinda thing (or maybe it is, just a little), but it’s simply providing some aid for your skin, and with minimal effort too. It may not be the wake up in the morning kind of dewy glow – because you certainly didn’t wake up like that, but it’s something quite close to that.

When it comes to achieving that natural glow that takes very little effort, illuminators are your best bet. Unlike highlighters, illuminators can be used all over your face. It can be used alone, mixed with your foundation, moisturizer, BB cream, and so on. If you want a more in-depth gist about illuminators, then you should read this article. After getting an in-depth knowledge about illuminators, you’ll also need to know how to apply illuminators like a pro.

Enough with the intro, it’s time to find out the best illuminators out there.

The Best Illuminators in The Market

Illuminators are increasingly becoming the go-to choice for that ‘natural’ looking glow. Sadly, not everyone knows where to start or what to buy when it comes to makeup products. Here is a quick run down of some of the best illuminators.

#1. Iconic London Illuminator 

The Iconic London illuminators has become a cult favourite amongst beauty lovers. You most certainly have seen this illuminator while scrolling through your Instagram. It is one of the most popular illuminators out there, but it’s also worth the hype. Queen B herself used the Iconic London illuminator in the Black is King video – it’s that good. The tiniest drop goes a long way and the product lasts all day long. It’s so good that it gets the #1 spot on this list.

#2.NARS Illuminator 

Another fan favourite, the NARS illuminator is a best-seller. The universal peachy color has a long list of recommendations and reviews, and is well worth the spend.

#3. Fluid Sheer Skin Illuminator by GIORGIO ARMANI 

If you want some luxury, then you should go for this brand. It is quite a splurge and a bit on the high side, but fans and beauticians say it is worth every cent and swear by this product. The silky lightweight formula instantly adds radiance to your complexion. It comes in different shades so there is surely one for you.

#4. NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator 

For that subtle glow at an affordable price, the NYX Born to Glow illuminator is the best choice. It comes in different shades and gives you that radiant look from within. It can also serve as a base for the rest of your makeup. 

#5. Lumene Instant Illuminizer

The pearlescent luminizing pigments give you an instant luminous skin. It is lightweight and blendable with your other makeup products. There are just three shades of this illuminizer, but you can always make it work.

Illuminators offer you a different kind of glow than highlighters, and they can be applied all over your face. Like most other products, they come in shades, so be sure to run a quick check if they have the shade for your skin tone. Get your illuminator and get your glow on.

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