shopping for the best makeup brushes

Shopping For The Best Makeup Brushes

shopping for the best makeup brushes

One of the things not talked about regularly is how to shop for the best makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are one of the vital parts of makeup that help you achieve a flawless makeup look. There are different types of brush sets that all perform seemingly the same function. But how do you go about finding the right brushes that are worth the price tag?

If you’re new to makeup, identifying the right set of brushes is not so easy. There are a few factors to put into consideration, like what the brush is made from, the kind of brushes in the set, and so on. As a beginner, you don’t need as many brushes, unlike a pro makeup artist who needs a vast number of brushes. Having the right set of brushes will help you perfect your makeup techniques, ensure smooth application of products, accuracy, and precision, amongst many other things.

There are brushes to accommodate every level, with a combination of well-curated kits to cater to all aspects of makeup from the eyes to the face, lips, and everything in between. There are also makeup brushes made for specific products like foundation, eyeshadow, and other things.

What To Look Out For In The Right Brushes 

There are so many brush sets from different brands out there. Not every brush is made from the best of materials, and other certain features make a brush or brush set the right buy. Knowing what to look out for before getting a makeup brush will save you money and the heartache of purchasing the wrong items.

  • The material of the brush: The type of material used to make a brush matters a lot as this can affect the application of makeup products, and also determine how long the brush(es) will last. There are synthetic brushes that are not the best and do not last very long. These types of brushes can be very hard on the skin and do not give an even application. Although they are cheap, they are not the best choice when seeking durable makeup brushes. The best kinds of brushes are those made from horse hairs. Some of these brushes are affordable while others are a bit more pricy. The bristles are soft, flexible, and gentle on the skin. These brushes are perfect for even makeup application and are what every makeup artist and even beginner needs.
  • Cut and shape of the bristles: If you buy makeup brushes that have rough edges, then that’s a sign of their quality albeit not a good one. Brushes should never be cut to shape them, rather they should be arranged and bound together with a string to form the shape. Brushes usually have different shapes, depending on what they are meant for. Most times, brush sets come with redundant brushes that you may not need as a beginner. Be sure to buy specific brushes you need or brush sets that have the basics.
  • Barrel and handle of the brush: Believe it or not, the barrel (where the bristles are joined to the handle) and the handle are very important. Brush handles should be covered in a few layers of lacquer to protect them from swelling during the humid weather. The ferrule should be made from nickel or copper preferably because these do not debt as easily as aluminum ferrule. Lastly, go for weighted brushes as they give you more precision and control while doing your makeup.

The Best Makeup Brushes and Brush Sets 

No matter what stage you’re at in your makeup game, there are brush sets perfectly suited for your level. I have the best makeup brushes for beginners, pros, and experts, affordable makeup brushes, and the overall best brush sets.

#1. Shany The Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set 

It is a brush set with 24 makeup brushes that take care of the lips, brows, face, eyes, and cheeks. It is a makeup brush set meant for makeup enthusiasts and professional makeup artists who want a variety of brushes. Not to worry, it comes in a roll-up pouch and a storage box for safekeeping.

#2. Real Techniques Everyday Essentials 

The Real Techniques Everyday Essentials is one of the most popular makeup brush sets amongst beauty lovers. There are four brushes and a beauty sponge to help you get that flawless finish. 

#3. Zoeva Screen Queen Complete Makeup Brush Set 

For a brush set that fulfills all your makeup needs in one bag, this is that set. The Zoeva Screen Queen set has a combination of nine eye brushes and six face brushes that takes care of everything makeup. The brush set comes in a beautiful pink design and a matching bag. 

#4. Artis Elite Makeup Brush Set 

The brand is known for the ergonomics construction of the brushes and their innovative Cosmefiber technology. It is one of the best brushes on the market with 10 brushes in the set. It can be used on a professional level for makeup but is most suited for personal use.

#5. Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set 

The Zoeva Rose Golden Complete set was made to help you achieve exact precision when applying your eyeshadow. The brushes have a combination of synthetic and natural bristles for accuracy. The Zoeva brush collections always come with a clutch for your brushes, and this is no exception. You get 12 pieces of different eye makeup brushes.

#6. Fenty Beauty Artistry Pro Complexion Essentials 

The Fenty Beauty brand is one of the top brands, and the Artistry Pro Complexion Essentials was designed for the best application of products. The brush set is a bit on the high side, but it is absolutely worth the splurge. 

#7. Sigma Beauty Basic Eye Brush Set 

If you need another eye brush set, the Sigma Beauty Basic is another great choice. You get the basics for your eyeshadow, brows, and eyeliner. These are quality makeup brushes designed for better application, better hold, and an overall better experience. 

Makeup brushes are just as vital as products. If you don’t have the day makeup brushes then you can’t possibly achieve a flawless and beautiful makeup look. Makeup brushes are more than essential, they are necessary for every makeup look. You also need to learn how to take care of your makeup brushes so they can serve you longer.

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