the right order to apply your makeup

The Right Order To Apply Your Makeup: A Step by Step Guide


When it comes to applying makeup, there are different steps and techniques people use. It all depends on what rocks your boat and what your most comfortable method. But if you are still new to the world of makeup, you might be wondering what product comes before which.

Not sure in what order to apply your makeup? Keep reading the article to find out the right order to apply your makeup. The article will give you a detailed step by step guide from your face makeup to your eye makeup and lip makeup.

The Right Order To Apply Your Makeup 

I know you can’t wait to jump into the right order to apply your makeup, but there are a few steps to take before you begin your makeup. The first step to work through is your skincare routine. I’ve talked about why it’s essential to have a skincare routine before makeup. You do not need to spend so much on your skincare products before you get started.

Remember the necessary simple steps;

  • Cleanse 
  • Exfoliate 
  • Tone 
  • Moisturize 

The Right Order To Apply Face Makeup 

The right order to apply your makeup

For makeup, there is no room for guesswork. You have to get the steps correctly, and in some cases, timing matters. Here is a step by step guide on the right order to apply your makeup.

Step 1: Primer 

A primer is an essential part of your makeup routine. It gives you an even and smooth canvas to work with, making it easy for your makeup products to glide on smoothly. Primer also helps your makeup last longer throughout the day. If you have oily skin, use a mattifying primer, and a primer with a more glowy finish will do for dry skin. Apply the primer on the essential parts of your face like your T-zone.

Step 2: Eyebrows 

It’s all about the brows these days. Gone are the days of skinny and slender looking brows. Start by tracing the outline of your eyebrow hair with your favorite pencil, then fill your brows with a brow gel or a pomade to get that nice arched look. Conceale the edges of your brows with a concealer or your foundation shade, and you’re all done.

Step 3: Eyeshadow 

You can go light or heavy with your eyeshadow. Dust a on your lid to mattify the area, then follow up with a crease color. Brush some highlight under your brow bone to add some shimmer. 

Step 4: Eyeliner 

Some people find it easier to apply eyeliner before mascara, while others apply both either way. Get your eyeliner of choice but make sure it is waterproof and use some generously to either draw an angled line or go for a cat-eye look. Trace your waterline as well for more definition and a sophisticated look.

Step 5: Mascara 

Comb through your lashes with your go-to mascara, and be generous with it. Use a waterproof mascara as well for that extra re-enforcements.

Step 6: Color Corrector 

Do you have dark circles under your eyes or dark spots on your face? Then you should make use of a color corrector. A color corrector will help you cover all these blemishes adequately without them popping up under your makeup. Purple and yellow color correctors can hide discoloration, orange, bisque, or peach can conceal dark circles, and green can reduce redness. Apply a little on the affected areas and blend out lightly.

Step 7: Foundation 

Now, this is the base for your makeup. It is crucial to choose the right shade of foundation for your skin tone. Remember to select something mattifying if you have oily skin, as mentioned earlier with the primer, and something with a dewy finish if you have dry skin. Use the right tools like a foundation brush, a beauty sponge, or a kabuki brush to properly blend your product.

Step 8: Concealer 

Some people like to apply concealer before foundation, while most prefer to use it after your foundation. It depends on what that aim is really. If the goal is to conceal blemishes further, then you can apply this before your foundation. However, if the goal is to highlight and brighten your face’s high points like under your eyes, your forehead, and chin, then applying it on your foundation is the way to go. The same rules apply to the concealer just as the primer and foundation, based on skin type.

Step 9: Lip Makeup 

First, start by lining your lips round with your preferred lip color. Doing this prevents the lip color from bleeding out – we wouldn’t want you to look tackie no, would we? Choose a lip liner that matches your preferred lipstick shade and trace your lips’ natural outline to make you pout appear fuller. You can also fill your lips in with your lip liner as well. Next, slide on some lipstick on your lips in your favorite shade. Choose any consistency of your choice, matte or creamy; either will go just fine.

Step 10: Setting Spray 

Last but not least, set your face with some setting spray to seal all the products properly. It will keep your makeup in place, and it allows your makeup to last longer. Shake the bottle well and hold up your hand away from your face when you spray.  Make sure you get all the areas and corners of your face, and voila, you’re done!

Thank you for reading this article up to this point. I hope you learned something new, and you now know the right order to apply your makeup. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more beauty-related content.

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