top 5 beauty bloggers

Top 5 Beauty Bloggers You Must Be Following


top 5 beauty blogger you must be following

I know just how exhausting the beauty industry can be, mostly when you are new to the world of skincare and makeup. With so many products and beauty bloggers out there sharing updates of their must-have products, I felt I should ease up things a little bit. Having done all the hard work of deciding and picking out the best of the best for you, all you need do is relax and read through.

The Top Beauty Bloggers

Here are the top beauty bloggers you can turn to when you are in need of some genuine advice on beauty products.

Hello October: Starting this list is the beautiful Suzi Bonaldi, the founder of Hello October blog and YouTube channel. Hello October is dedicated to beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. With over 200k followers on  Instagram (@hellooctober). Suzi shares a lot about beauty-related content on all her social media channels, including her blog. Suzi gives her followers insight on how she does her makeup to look so effortlessly flawless and glowy. She also shows them her daily beauty routine (night and day). 

British beauty blogger: As a writer in the print and media industry, Jane Cunningham later on traded newspapers for blog posts. That was when she created the  British beauty blogger. From Jane’s experience with the prints and beauty industry, she has reached the industry’s peak of perfection. If you are ever searching for a place that can answer all your beauty questions from skincare routine, makeup and all, Jane’s website is the ultimate destination. With over 30k loyal followers on Instagram, her page (britbeautyblog) is filled with product shots and beneficial video demonstrations. Jane is a strong believer in ageless beauty and an honest reviewer.

Gemma Louise: Gemma Louise is recognized for her work as a blogger and photographer in the beauty industry. Gemma has grown over the years from building an incredibly supportive community and being an amazing parent at the same time. Sharing lifestyle and parenting content, Gemma posts about all things beauty- from Christmas gift guides to seasonal makeup looks and skincare routines. Gemma has become a successful and popular makeup pro. Gemma collaborating with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, is part of her working process to the very top! With an amazing community of over 12k followers on her Instagram page (gemalixs).

Jodie Melissa: Jodie started blogging in her teens. Though she started with other beauty blogs before deciding to start her own and she has worked her way to becoming one of the best beauty bloggers there is in the world. Jodie creates informative and engaging content on Instagram and her blog. Jodie is growing fast with a loyal and engaging fan base to become a viral beauty blogger online. Sharing honest and detailed reviews of beauty products, treatments, skincare routine, and showing off her impressive makeup collection.

Having worked with some of the UK’s biggest beauty brands, Jodie was only a natural fit that Jodie will appear on the list of the biggest beauty bloggers online. Follow her over 14k loyal fans on her Instagram page.

The Anna Edit: Anna Newton started her beauty blog over a decade ago. When she first started, she was using the name “Viviana does Makeup,” which she later changed to “The Anna Edit.” Anna is one of the OG beauty bloggers. One of the reasons Anna started her blog was her love for beauty; she wanted to document it according to her. She shares everything from skincare routine to five minutes of her makeup routine. She also discusses some of the best beauty investments she has made so far.

Though she has dived into the online world of fashion, lifestyle, and interior design, Anna says it was the love for beauty that truly stole her heart; that was why she created her YouTube channel and her blog on her Instagram feed (theannaedit). Anna is your go-to girl for you simple, classic makeup answers and solutions. With over 400k followers on her Instagram page, Anna gives you the best advice on everything beauty.

Okay, so those are my 5 top beauty bloggers, my go-to gees, my OGs. When I have any doubts, I visit their blogs. Who are your go-to bloggers when you need beauty advice? Let us know in the comment section.

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