Using concealer as foundation

Easy 5 Steps Guide On Using Concealer As Foundation

Using concealer as foundation

We are not strangers to using concealer, and if you’re new to makeup entirely, then you’re not too far off. However, most people don’t know that they can use concealer as foundation.

Yes, I mean your concealer can also double as your foundation. During the very dry and hot season, wearing makeup can be quite uncomfortable. It is made worse if you have to use both concealer and foundation at the same time. You would literally feel the makeup melting off your face.

How do you combat this challenge?

Some people can’t go with a little dab of concealer before foundation to further hid those pesky blemishes and spots. So, instead of having to use both products, why not use one. Your concealer wasn’t made to serve just one purpose, it can serve a few.

There are easy steps to follow if you want to use your concealer as foundation to cut down on the number of products used.

How To Use Concealer as Foundation

To begin using your concealer as foundation, you need to follow a few simple steps:

#1. Prep your skin

The first and most important step – even if you were using foundation. You need to prep your skin first before starting with any makeup product. Moisturizer your face with your favorite moisturizer to help your skin feel hydrated. Some concealers can dry out your skin, so it’s important to give your skin some barrier and create a good base for your concealer.

After moisturizer, you can apply some primer on problem areas like your T-zone. Although this step is optional, you can still add it for extra protection.

#2. Select the right shade

Since you won’t be using a foundation, it is crucial to pick the right shade for your skin tone. When it comes to concealers, the general rule is to double on the shade. It’s usually two shades lighter to highlight and two shades darker to contour. However, using your concealer as foundation means going for shades in your exact skin tone or similar.

When selecting a concealer, make sure to run a patch test in daylight. The concealer should blend right into your skin and not be too obvious. Going for a shade lighter might most certainly leave you looking like a ghost.

#3. Color correct

If you have some redness or a little purplish discoloration, then you want to use a color corrector. The step is totally optional and is only applicable when necessary.

#4. Apply concealer and blend

It’s time to apply your concealer, not just on problem areas, but on your entire face. You can use a makeup brush or a beauty sponge to apply the product. Make sure it’s evenly distributed and pay importantly blend!

#5. Set the concealer

Time to set that concealer into place. Use a translucent powder to set your entire face. A trick I apply to this is to used a colored powder two shades lighter to set the areas where I would normally highlight. It includes under the eyes, jawline, forehead, chin, and so on. Since on a normal day the concealer should have served as a highlighter, you don’t entirely have to lose this effect. A translucent or mineral powder in exactly your shade can be used to set the rest of your face, and your good to go!

You’re all ready to step out looking glam even with a reduced makeup routine. It’s important to note that when choosing a concealer, you shouldn’t go all out on coverage. Since it is unlike foundation, going for full heavy coverage concealers will have you looking like a mess, and it totally defeats the purpose of beating the heat.

That being said, you can very much use your concealer in place of your foundation and save yourself the stress. A good thing about this is that it also saves you time too. Apply some illuminator drops for that added natural glow.

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